Surf Bands Map

“It’s like a slap in the face to all these assholes in the mainstream … It’s like ‘Ha, ha, ha! Look! We’re all doing this kind of music!” – Dick Dale

Selected Surf Bands auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

  1. Nigg Astrid says:

    hello Mr. Kawentzmann

    Thanks for this great map!!

    I´ve got following list below from Carlos Y.(Fbc: Surf Music Madrid)and would be very appreciate if you could add those active bands to update your page.

    Valencia: The A-Phonics, Los Pataconas, The Lone Surfersss

    Barcelona: Born Losers, The Kongsmen, Los Tiki Phamtons, Los Martinis, Surfing Quatro

    Navarra: The Brillantinas

    Madrid: Los Coronas, The Imperial Surfers, Los Tikinautas

    Santander: Los Derrumbes
    Alicante: Dirty Surf, Los Fusibles
    La Coruña: The Kanaloas, Leroy y los Masoquistas
    Asturias: The King Of Makaha
    Bilbao: The Longboards
    Jaen: Los Malignos
    Guadalajara: Surflamingo
    Zaragoza: Los Twamgs, The Vibrants
    Logroño: Los Tsunamis

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    best regards
    & have a nice day!

  2. Nigg Astrid says:

    hello Mr. Kawentzmann

    Please could you correct the place of the Wavers ..they are placed somewhere between Corsica and Sardinia (@41.130314,9.350739) because i´ve had a typing error (missing the “t” in Canú) but

    “The Wavers” are from Cantú ,CO (Como) – Italy

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    kind regards

  3. Paul says:

    Please add the TarantinosNYC to your map.

    Thank you

  4. J. Moliner says:

    You can add our Band if you want. Five Fingers With Parasol, we are from Castellon, Spain.

  5. The Meteor Men says:

    Greetings form the North Carolina coast! Please add The Meteor Men to the map.

    Surf / Original / Instro
    Wilmington, North Carolina

  6. Smokey says:

    Voodoo Stingray…Nashville, TN

    thanks for the Hard work you do…when I can I will donate

    thanks Smokey

  7. Pete Jamestone says:

    This is Kool, Please add “The Rebel Surfers” to Your List!

    1. Please excuse my ignorance, but I’m not sure about your location. It’s somewhere down south, isn’t it?

  8. Please add The Tritons from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Thanks!

  9. Ana says:

    Aloha! Can you add please Dr. Frankenstein, Portugal, Lisbon? You can check the guys on ; and on facebook
    Great idea! Good luck with the map :)

  10. The Martian Denny Orchestra hail from a planet where every TV program is brought to you in living color, the number one movie at the box office is The Horror of Party Beach and five of the ten top albums are by the Ventures, Santo & Johnny, Link Wray, Billy Mure and the Spotnicks. They’ve landed in Nashville, and have begun unleashing their brand of dazzling atomic instrumentals upon an unsuspecting public. Guitarist Eddie Angel shakes up the world of indie-rock with Los Straitjackets and the Planet Rockers. Guitarist Bob Irwin, the man behind famed reissue label Sundazed Music, is the fretboard whiz of New York’s Pluto Walkers. Dave Roe played bass for Johnny Cash and works the same magic for John Mellencamp and many others. Jim Hoke plays steel guitar and woodwinds for NRBQ, Toby Keith and others. The rock-solid beat comes courtesy of the mighty Jimmy Lester, the original skinsman of Los Straitjackets and now with Webb Wilder’s honky tonk hellions. The M.D.O. has only one M.O., and that’s to get the Action Set stomping to a twangy beat—one that would make Duane Eddy proud!!

  11. This is amazing! We’re in Boston–Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters. Thanks!

  12. Travis says:

    GRAVITRON, from Columbia, South Carolina, USA, should be on this map!!! Oh yeah!!

  13. Gabi Escalas says:

    Hi!! we are HATTORI HANZO SURF EXPERIENCE from Palma de Mallorca,Spain thanks!

  14. Simon says:

    Hi there, great website, awesome map !
    We’re the Tsunamis and we quite often play live in Paris, France and around. We also have a vinyl record coming out in june. Would be cool if you could add us on your map, there’s not a single surf band from France in there :(

    Thanks a lot, keep surfin’ !

  15. Florian says:

    Mir fallen grad ein:
    “Bang! Mustang!” aus Leipzig, recht frisch, machen einen schönen Surf mit Western-Touch.
    “The Splashdowns” aus Hamburg, schon länger dabei, machen Space-Surf – und zwar erdverbunden aus der Perspektive des Bodenpersonals!

  16. Florian says:

    “Surfer Joe and His Boss Combo”, Livorno, Italy.
    A surf band around Lorenzo, the organizer of the yearly “Surfer Joe” festival in Livorno.

  17. Florian says:

    “Messer Chups” in St. Petersburg, Russia

    Hey, it’s great fun surfing through your map!

  18. Min III says:

    Hey man, great job!

    Please add Los Oxidados to the map


    Aguayo 64
    Colonia del Carmen Coyoacán
    Delegación Coyoacán
    Mexico City, Mexico


  19. Niels says:

    The Phantom Four from Amsterdam, The Netherlands :-)
    Great initiative by the way!

  20. Aloha!

    We are THE REVOMATICS, an active surf band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Established in 2010. Please add us to your Google map!


  21. Brandonio says:

    Feel free to add my band Stunt Double to the list sir.We are from Anderson,Indiana. No web site yet sorry! Soon very soon.

  22. Great job putting this together.

    Please add B11 (Boston, MA, USA)


  23. Toze says:

    Hello there! Very nice job doing this:
    NO SMOKING ON BOARD, from Porto, Portugal. Surf music since 2009.

    1. I’m sorry, but I can’r verify your link since I don’t have time for Facebook anymore.

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