Surf Bands Map

“It’s like a slap in the face to all these assholes in the mainstream … It’s like ‘Ha, ha, ha! Look! We’re all doing this kind of music!” – Dick Dale

Selected Surf Bands auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

  1. Django Deadman says:

    Please add Los Fantasticos, from Brighton, UK to you map.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Casey says:

    Hello, our band “3rd Wave” plays out several times a month here in Richmond, Virginia, USA. We’re an all instrumental ( 2 guitars-bass-drums) group and play mostly surf or surf-style instrumentals. Thanks for putting this list together! Casey

  3. Rob Brooks says:


    Great map! Please add The Sun Protection Factor Four (SPF4) to the map. We are located in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA…. west of Boston. Thanks!

  4. Paul--North of Malibu says:

    How’s the surf there in Berlin?

  5. Unfortunately there’s no surf directly in the city.

  6. hey! we’re Los Invasores from Bariloche, Argentina. It would be cool to be added in this map.

    Great site! Merry Christmas!

  7. Hi,

    Baltimore is a great town for surf instro music! Our premiere band is The Diamondheads (

  8. Jack Booth says:

    The Mariners (formed in 1964, still active)

    Murfreesboro, TN (near Nashville)

  9. Tuck says:

    Here’s another one from the Denver area: the Royal Aces.

  10. second hand surfboards says:

    thats one hell of list. I knew of a lot of them but I’ve checked out some that I hadn’t and they rock. The Tomorrow Men are amazing!

  11. Billy Crawford says:

    Please add-The Thunderheads from East Tennessee USA. The Mountain Empires one and only Surf Band!!!!!!

  12. Russell says:

    hey… The Aquamarines!

    1. OK, you took the spot of The Aqua Velvets, because they don’t appear to be very active these days.

  13. Ted says:

    Please add the following bands to your list:
    The Nematoads – Austin, TX
    Los SuperAvengers – Austin, TX
    The Neptones – Houston, TX
    Mister Neutron – Cranford, NJ

  14. Sorry, updating is a pain currently. The app feels like a Microsoft product. I‘m sure Google can fix it eventually.

  15. Art Svrjcek says:

    Hey, please add:
    Reverb Galaxy
    College Park, Maryland, USA!

    By the way, love the map, lots of fun!


  16. Simen says:

    Mobsmen: Oslo Norway

  17. OK, now all is up to date. In case anybody ever wants to add markers to a google maps and it always goes to one irrelevant default spot here’s my work around:
    – Zoom all the way out and perform a search for the place you want.
    – Then zoom back in, than you should arrive where you want to set the current marker.
    – The zooming should be done with your personal map highlighted in the little list at the bottom of the sidebar, so the marker tool will be available.

  18. Kimmo says:


    Please add The Silver Hawks to the list! We are from Kirkkonummi, Finland.

    All the best

    The Silver Hawks

  19. Art Svrjcek says:

    Thanks so much for getting us on the map. I think it’s an awesome idea!

  20. Tom says:

    Hey Mate,

    Please add “The SurfRiders” to your list. We officially formed earlier this year and just recently had out 3rd gig. We play primarily First Wave Surf with a few classic instrumentals and classic “girl-group” numbers from the same era. We’re from Castor, a small village near Peterborough, UK.

    Thank’s for honcho-ing this project; great idea!



  21. Thad says:

    Hey there!

    We are Los Habaneros from Manhattan, Kansas. Landlocked Surf!
    Thanks for adding us to the list.

    Great website!
    Thanks again


  22. Sonic Screwdriver says:

    We’ve been together for just over a year. We play in the Brookings/Sioux Falls SD region. As far as I know the only surf band in the Dakotas, either North or South. Go figure!! Surf on the Prairies!

  23. Ueffel says:

    Hi Kawentzmann,

    please add Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle from Freiburg/Breisgau:

  24. fat cat says:

    hello there
    if u got time please visit my bands page at
    we came from indonesia, as far as i know we are the one and only active surf band from indonesia.
    mind that the four songs on our myspace account are poorly recorded in our friends garage,we got several songs in compilations made by our dear friends at

  25. Shecky says:

    Hey KK, somehow we missed getting Meshugga Beach Party on there – Alameda, CA. Cheers!

  26. holla herr kawentzmann!

    sonodrom express
    active since 2002, Vienna, Austria, Europe

    we’be happy to be on your map!

  27. Tom White says:

    Hey Ho! Please add The Beachcombovers from Boston Massachusetts. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the Boston Beachmasters we play first wave instrumentals like Apache, Baja and Mr. Moto

  28. steven says:

    hey u should check out Los Superavengers, they are the best surf band in austin,,,these guys rock hard live…..they wear the lucha masks, but r planning on changing and making their own style…anyways plz do heck them out…steven

  29. Hunter says:

    add Hell-o-tiki, surf band from Belgium

  30. David Phantomatic says:

    I play guitar in an instro horror surf group in San Antonio, Tx called The Phantomatics.
    We’d definitely like to be put on here.


  31. John Koontz says:

    I suppose you can delete Get Three Coffins Ready (Denver, CO) from your list. They gave their last show on August 13, 2010. Members are now divided between Native Daughters, instrumental but not surf at all, the Bloody Fives (garage with vocals), and the Fightin’ Cocks (Hefe’s old punk band which is still active with him still in it). Some of the Bloody Fives have a side project as an unnamed instrumental band, but this is still somewhat inchoate and may not fly.

    Otherwise: The Beloved Invaders are still around, but not extremely active. They play if they can get a gig, but are busy with other projects. The Aquasonics lost Chris Fesker, but are working with a replacement and debut with him in Las Vegas in April. The Royal Aces (John Ragan, Scott Hartman, and Jesse Carraway) are pretty active. The Velveteen Loveseat play about 30% instrumentals, which they think of as surf (and they are close enough), but the rest is garage with vocals. The long defunct Maraca Five-O’s got together this summer for a reunion (with a couple of new guys making up the difference) and may continue in some form, maybe not under that name and maybe not instrumental. I have no real information. It’s just a rumor in the Denver music establishment (which sometimes issues a bulletin the reaches me). I haven’t heard anything from the Outlandos del Mar since I saw them play once last year, and the Vintage Winds (Fort Collins, CO) have disbanded. Vibes on Velvet (instrumental “lounge”) plays about once a year, when GoGo Wise is in town. Soon All Ded died of sheer lack of momentum as soon as GoGo and her boyfriend quit kicking them into gear. Ruby Starfish (Up in the mountains, CO) plays once in a while for the fun of it, but I never hear until later if ever.

    I think that about sums it up!

    1. Oh, thanks a lot for the heads up. I will update the list soon.

  32. stefano says:

    we are an italian surf band from Prato, Italy! please sign our presence!

  33. Butch Dog says:

    Viva, los SUNDOG!

    Kansas City, Missouri.

  34. Hey! Check out the Really Rottens in Austin, TX! You wont regret it!
    Dont be the last one on your block to become a fan!

    the Really Rottens

  35. Peter says:

    Cool site!!! Mark us down please.

    Slingshot Dragster, Adelaide, South Australia


  36. THE DAWN PATROL says:

    Please ad us?
    we are from Holland ( the Netherlands ) europe

  37. The Surf Zombies says:

    The Surf Zombies are Pittsburgh,Pensylvania’s greatest surf and instrumental band. We have quite a few originals and cover Dick Dale,The Surfaris,The Ventures,Link Wray,amongst others. We are a power trio and love to turn everything up to 11.

  38. Juicy Ju says:

    Hello Kahuna !
    Ju here from Pirato Ketchup. We’re from Liege (Belgium). Check us out !

  39. john bell says:

    the HEAVIES from gary,IN USA

  40. Jon Lomb says:

    Telekrimen – Mexico City, Mexico

  41. Richard says:

    Please put Us on your map?

  42. Frazer says:

    We’d be grateful for a mention of Los Calamares from landlocked Birmingham, England – popular music combo playing surf and spy rock

  43. In Pittsburgh, PA, the Surf Zombies changed their name to “The Turbosonics”
    The Turbosonics

  44. Love the map! Can you add our band to the list…we’re called ‘Marconi Beach Sound’ and we’re located in Penarth, South Wales, in the UK . We formed in 2010 and mainly play classic surf instrumentals.


  45. Jaguar says:

    greetings from Catania/Sicily!!!
    Jaguar & The Savanas!!!

  46. Nigg Astrid says:

    hello Mr. Kawentzmann

    Please could you add “The Wavers” from Canú,CO – Italy

    kind regards

  47. Maeds says:


    Maeds Dominos, from the west coast of Sweden!

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