January 13th, 2009

Nicht der Süden Dia

Usually music-supervisors ask for one track or rather a short snippet of a track like 20 seconds or something as incidental music in movies or on tv-shows. But not Nicht der Süden. The producers thought Surf would make the approbiate soundtrack for this short series documenting the journey of two Berlin writers (Volker Strübing and Kirsten Fuchs) to Scandinavia and the polar area. And as if that wasn’t reason enough for me to write about it here – they chose quite a big number of songs from me! Not just me, but another fav German guitar instrumental band, Robert & The Roboters and others are on the sound-track as well. I will make it a point to watch the shows, as the protagonists have great credit as writers and I can’t wait to see how my music goes along with a story like that. Here are my tracks they picked:

from Tiki Traveling with Kahuna Kawentzmann

      Kava Village

Kahuna Kawentzmann - Tiki Traveling With - Kava Village

      Three Taboos of Forgotten Island

Kahuna Kawentzmann - Tiki Traveling With - Three Taboos of Forgotten Island

      Tiki Travelling Twist

Kahuna Kawentzmann - Tiki Traveling With - Tiki Traveling Twist

      Fatu Hiva

Kahuna Kawentzmann - Tiki Traveling With - Fatu Hiva

      Have Tiki, Will Travel

Kahuna Kawentzmann - Tiki Traveling With - Have Tiki, Will Travel

      Tiki Travelling Theme

Kahuna Kawentzmann - Tiki Traveling With - Tiki Traveling Theme

from The Tiki & The Guitar

      Gogo Sitar
      Brandung 3 Fuss

from The Looney Tunes Band catalogue

    Big Pow Wow
    Sand Barrier

Ein Reiseabenteuer durch das Nordpolarmeer – Nicht der Süden Starting march 19, 2009, thursdays and fridays 20.15 on 3Sat. Please bookmark/share this page!!!

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