Links for 12/24/16

The truth of what happened on Christmas Day at Lake Okeechobee between the Seminoles and U.S. forces is not something you’ll read about in textbooks.

Source: The Seminole Christmas Gift of Freedom – Indian Country Media Network


A Reuters analysis of blood lead-test results across the U.S. finds thousands of communities with poisoning rates above those seen in Flint, Michigan

Source: Reuters finds lead levels higher than Flint’s in thousands of locales


Scientists say they are concerned at the rapid rate at which methane is gathering in the atmosphere.

Source: Methane surge needs ‘urgent attention’ – BBC News

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Links for 5/30/16

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Source: Westside Historic


Silicon Valley father of four Damon McMillan has just put the finishing touches to his Seacharger boat and plans to set it off on a solo trip from the Californian coast down to Hawaii on May 30. The craft is designed to cut through the waves using only a motor powered by solar panels.

Source: Solar-powered boat ready to make 2,000 mile ocean voyage on its own


Women’s & Longboard Champs Crowned At the Australian Indigenous Titles


Grass in the park at the center of San Francisco gentrification debate is now for rent

Source: Grass in the park at the center of San Francisco gentrification debate is now for rent


Sinkhole discovery suggests humans were in Florida 14,500 years ago

Links for 2/1/16

Source: We have Pat Boone to thank for the most psychotic and deranged rockabilly record of all time! | Dangerous Minds


Hackney Brewery and food waste charity Feedback link up to launch quality pale ale that’s made from surplus loaves of bread

Source: Raise a Toast and help tackle the problem of food waste

Brant from Climate Truth writes, “A fishing boat captain, a restaurateur, and a Cuban refugee being displaced by rising seas in South Florida are setting off for New Hampshire next week to ha…

Source: Watch: Florida climate survivors travel to New Hampshire to confront Marco Rubio / Boing Boing


Tiki cocktails are making a comeback, but where and when did the trend take root? We take a brief look at the history of tiki cocktails and bars in the U.S.

Source: Tiki Cocktails: Then and Now – KegWorks Blog

Links for 12/31/15


The gigantic sand dunes in Cronulla, Sydney – close to the so-called birthplace of modern Australia – date back to mesolithic times. But over the past century they have been steadily encroached upon by human activity

Source: Cronulla sand dunes: the 15,000-year-old landscape that greed destroyed – in pictures | Australia news | The Guardian


As sea levels rise and streets begin to flood, South Florida confronts a bleak future.

Source: Miami is Flooding – The New Yorker

Links for 11/11/15


Throughout the 1980s, Exxon earned a public reputation as a pioneer in climate change research. But by 1990, the company had begun an about-face.

Source: How Exxon went from leader to skeptic on climate change research – Los Angeles Times