Links for 4-13-15

This map allows anyone with a computer to monitor deforestation

vintage everyday: Interesting Vintage Photos of One Man Bands

Creating a ‘Lei of Hope’ for the World’s Oceans | Voices

The oceans are acidifying at the fastest rate in 300 million years. How bad could it get? – Vox

Offshore oil drilling faces tougher rules from Washington – report | Environment | The Guardian

Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Yma Sumac – Live in Moscow (1960) Ataypura – YouTube


On April 1, homeowners will see flood insurance rates increase

Sleeping Through a Revolution

In this video Jonathan Taplin talks about the tech revolution, today’s big players connection to libertarianism and what it all means for us.

Links for 1-31-15

In 10 Years, No One in Helsinki Will Even Want to Own a Car

A Historic Manuscript on Aztec Life Is “Virtually Repatriated”

Watch Paige Alms and other surfing greats tackle insane Hawaiian winter surf

Listen: Marlene Dietrich plays musical saw (with bonus Star Trek theme)

Climate change on Valentine’s Day: what might you lose that you love?

Save Our Ocean Giants

31,000,000 Bq/m3 of Strontium-90 measured at the nearest boring well to Reactor 2

You Should Eat a Cricket

Coral reefs are about to crash in a big way

Austrian school – RationalWiki

Guy McPherson – RationalWiki