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All images courtesy Joanna Bird Gallery unless otherwise noted As a child, Danish artist Steffen Dam loved poring over his grandparents’ collection of scientific books and cabinets of insects. This fascination of how we catalogue and understand the natural world followed through to his artisti

Source: Exquisite Marine Life Specimens Imagined in Glass by Steffen Dam


Nurtured by three generations of African Americans with a shared vision of economic self-empowerment, the patronage of black businesses, the cultivation of black arts, and the maintenance of a public commons for political discourse, Leimert Park is not just the crown jewel of black Los Angeles, it is its center.

Source: The Center Can Hold: Leimert Park and Black Los Angeles



Jeff Goldblum explains the Clean Power Plan to “reptilian nincompoops” (aka fossil fuel execs)

Source: Don’t Be Garbage People

… and don’t be a tool of garbage people, I’d like to add.


These 10 business leaders show how fighting climate change is good for everyone’s bottom line

Source: The onEarth 10


Dewey Weber’s 22nd Street Cutback Becomes History Written In Bronze – the Full Story

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I wonder what their fossil fuel overlords make of this:


Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Hollingsworth Hound infiltrates a meeting of climatologists, and learns the TRUTH!

Source: Hollingsworth Hound Learns the Truth About Climate Scientists!



The best Goldfinger (1964) The gold standard1 for themes. Sweeping, sultry and backed by urgent jazz orchestra horns and quotes from the iconic Bond theme. This John Barry song is not just a Bond theme it is the Bond theme. It defines an entire genre. Its close association with the film and Dame Shirley Bassey’s iconic performance has kept it from becoming a standard, but it’s among the great movie songs of all time. It also casts a long enough shadow that attempts to match it have led to a string of dreary copies and retreads. Dr. No (1962) It’s borderline cheating to rank this one. In a literal sense this is just the Bond theme everyone knows and has heard dozens of times. Duh duh duh-duh, da da duh – the seven notes that denote Bond told with blaring horns and guitar jangle. Is this song venerable because it’s great or great because it’s venerable?

Source: David Putney | Bond title songs, ranked


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Source: The Trick-tionary | The Canalian


Built-up areas around the UK coast have increased by more than 40%, but conservationists have saved the ‘most pristine’ areas, Patrick Barkham reports

Source: Coastal construction: how Britain’s shoreline changed in 50 years | Environment | The Guardian

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events


source A Funky Trip – Detroit Funk From The Dave Hamilton Archive by Various Artists (Dave Hamilton) on BGP



A Few Of The Things We Love – The Chattahoochee Recordings And More by The Murmaids on Ace Records

Source: The Murmaids – A Few Of The Things We Love – The Chattahoochee Recordings And More – Ace Records


The Broad Beach community is well placed to be a leader on this issue; unfortunately they have yet to demonstrate leadership. It’s time for homeowners to do what is right and codify public access by entering into a legal agreement.

Source: Public Beach Poached for Private Privilege? | Stefanie Sekich

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A new study by the Risky Business Project paints a grim picture of Florida’s economy if industries fail to take seriously the risks from climate change.

Source: Florida leads nation in property at risk from climate change | Miami Herald



A novel analysis of temperature records shows that economies perform worse in high heat.

Source: Climate Change Slams Global Economy in a New Study From Stanford and Berkeley – Bloomberg Business


HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Cyanide poisoning has killed 22 elephants in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said on Monday. This brings to 62 the number of elephants…

Source: Zimbabwe: 22 more elephants killed in Hwange Park by cyanide


Link retires to his chicken coop, sings, invents Americana

Source: Link Wray – 3-Track Shack – Uncut


Rescue workers in smoke-choked Indonesia are considering a mass evacuation of orangutans

Source: Rescue workers in smoke-choked Indonesia are considering a mass evacuation of orangutans

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Thiermann says he still gets harassed on occasion for rocking a wetsuit during his own TED Talk.

Source: $360M Can’t Be Wrong; Why Kyle Thiermann Redefines “Cool”


Source: 453 – Norrie Paramor – Shadows In Latin – – Music Reviews of Ambient, Vaporwave & Tiki Exotica Albums


Super rare river sharks pop up after more than four decades of life in the shadows

Source: Catch of the Day


I started this article because I was researching a Scandinavian subculture of ‘greasers’ said to be responsible for Sweden having amassed more restored American 1950s cars than the […]

Source: The Swedish Subculture Hoarding More 1950s American Cars than the USA | Messy Nessy Chic



Bespoke, handcrafted spirits for the more discerning.

Source: Gestalten Explores Handcrafted Spirits in “Drink Different” Short Film


Have you ever stepped into a tiki bar and wondered, what bamboo aficionado made this place so convincing? Meet the king of kitsch himself, “Bamboo” Ben.

Source: Meet Bamboo Ben, Professional Tiki Bar Designer | Tales of the Cocktail

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Like a weird volcano glimmering in the centre of a once rundown park, Koo Jeong A’s new art installation is set to become a cultural destination

Source: Let’s glow: skaters descend on Liverpool’s glow-in-the-dark skatepark


“It’s a great time for records,” said Dave Hansen, an owner of Independent Record Pressing in Bordentown, New Jersey.

Source: Vinyl Records See a Comeback During Music’s Digital Age – NBC News


Source: Melting Permafrost Could Cost World Economy $43 Trillion by 2100: Study | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


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Michelle Bickford grew up loving of all things Mid-Century-Modern, science fiction art, and soldering irons. Her creations are a merging of those worlds.

Source: 11/6: Michelle Bickford “Yesterday and Today” –


The agreement targets the seas that join the nations and represents the first environmental dividend of a historic thaw between the two Cold War foes.

Source: Cuba and U.S. Agree to Work Together to Protect Marine Life – The New York Times


Buy ROBERTS Revival RD60 DAB Digital Radio, Royal Burgundy, Exclusive to John Lewis from our View all Radios range at John Lewis. Free Delivery on orders over £50.

Source: Buy ROBERTS Revival RD60 DAB Digital Radio, Royal Burgundy, Exclusive to John Lewis | John Lewis


Source: Listen to the Lyre of Ur, a 4,500 year-old musical instrument

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Skateboards gibt es in unzähligen Formen, Farben und Materialien. Wenn du auf hochwertige Bretter aus Holz stehst, solltest du das schwedische Unternehmen Malmötrafiken im Auge behalten. Gegründet wurde es von den IndustriedesignernOskar Lundgren und Isabe

Source: Malmötrafiken schnitzt Skateboards in Handarbeit


Broken kingpins and misc skateboard junk

Source: Broken Kingpins


Source: sa ka roulé !: Retro Vintage 59


An algae cultivator, a surf company and a team of Southern California academics have joined forces to create a sustainable surf board.

Source: Have surfers discovered the future of sustainable design? | 2degrees Community | 2degrees




Video:: The Blu / Stable Fistral Classic 2015