Links for 6/22/16

Earlier this week, Levi’s Skateboarding invited Grey along to interview legendary San Francisco skateboarder Tommy Guerrero before his gig at the Camden Underworld. Tommy is currently on tour though Europe. His new album, No Man’s Land is available through Asphalt Duchess. Interview and photography: Henry Kingsford Tell us about the tour you’re on right now. Are […]

Source: Tommy Guerrero interview – Grey Skateboard Magazine




Video: African Expedition

Links for 6/11/16

Skate legend Tommy Guerrero was one of the biggest names in skateboarding in the 1980’s. As one of the Bones Brigade, Powell Peralta’s famous skate team, Guerrero would go on to head up…

Source: Skateboards and Guitar Chords: Tommy Guerrero Reflects on a life of Skating and Music Making | blurredvisionary


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Source: Individually-shrinkwrapped potatoes are why we must destroy capitalism / Boing Boing



A Walk in the Dead Woods


Star Trek: The Next Generation beachwear

Source: Star Trek: The Next Generation beachwear


Algal bloom ‘of biblical proportions’ has led to protests and health emergency as concerns raised over dumping of rotting salmon in ocean

Source: Toxic ‘red tide’ in Chile prompts investigation of salmon farming | World news | The Guardian

Links for 6/3/16

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