Links for 10/5/16

Spill 46 miles off Shetland is being monitored by air and said to be heading away from land and dispersing

Source: BP platform leaks 95 tonnes of oil into North Sea | Environment | The Guardian


Nations on the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas have decided to bolster their tsunami warning systems by giving France, Greece, Italy and Turkey a regionwide alert role.

Source: Europe to strengthen tsunami alert system – UNISDR



Video: Johnny Depp, Harry Roach & Surfing

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events



Hydrofoil surfing on open ocean swells

Source: Hydrofoil surfing on open ocean swells


Entdecken Sie das thematische Angebot von ARTE rund um Wissenschaft, Medizin und neue Technologien: ein origineller Blick auf die Welt von heute und morgen.

Source: Plastik in unseren Meeren | Wissenschaft, Umwelt, Technologie | ARTE Future


Earth’s wilderness decimated


Introduction Five years ago, I met Professor John Sweeney. At the time, Sweeney was the head of the Centre for Climate change in Maynooth. He is now emeritus. Sweeney has also been the IPCC represe…

Source: How climate change is rapidly taking the planet apart. Part 2: amplifying feedbacks, divestment


Ominous music in shark videos makes people more negative about the fish

Links for 6/5/16

The new, unelected government is reversing progressive measures by President Dilma Rousseff by taking over Indigenous land and attacking labor laws.

Source: Brazil Coup Govt Moves to Change Definition of Slavery | News | teleSUR English


Last week two activities were executed: The presentation of a booklet on penal environmental legislation, and the organization of an introductory course on environmental law.

Source: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Promotes Environmental Law in Galapagos – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society



the vault of the atomic space age


Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.

Source: Westside Historic : Photo




In California today, a grand jury indicted the Plains All-American Pipeline and one of the oil company’s employees on criminal charges over the massive 2015 oil spill in Santa Barbara County.

Source: Texas oil firm indicted in massive 2015 oil spill off coast of Santa Barbara, CA

Links for 5/18/16

A battle over access to a prime piece of California coast has brought unwanted attention to one of the most prominent venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

Source: Billionaire V.C. under fire in beach dispute – Reuters.TV


An oil sheen of 2 miles by 13 miles could be seen off the Louisiana coast.

Source: Shell Oil Spill Dumps Thousands Of Barrels Of Crude Into Gulf Of Mexico


Best of Break Free Global Action



Berta Cáceres, the environmental advocate shot dead in her home in March, told friends of a hitman boasting about his plans as she ‘worked frantically’

Source: ‘Time was running out’: Honduran activist’s last days marked by threats



Record Store Day – SpecialRelease

Links for 2/14/16

Uncontacted Tribes


More than NZ$1.4m raised so far to protect stretch of coastline in Abel Tasman national park from becoming out of bounds to the public

Source: Crowdfunding battle to stop unspoilt New Zealand beach falling into private hands | World news | The Guardian


Located in the waters off Sipadan in Malaysia, is an old oil rig that is now a dive platform and resort named ‘Seaventures‘. The surrounding area is one of the diving industry’s renowned top dive destinations, and is commonly ranked as being one of the world’s best. Seaventures takes advantage o

Source: You Can Stay At This Converted Oil Rig In Malaysia And Go Diving

Links for 2/11/16

A division of UnderConsideration, cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus from around the world.

Source: Art of the Menu: Continental Miami


The White House just stopped new coal leases on federal land – a huge step for our climate. Urge him to do the same for the Gulf! (46320 signatures on petition)

Source: Petition: New Lease on Life: Ask the President to end new oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico


Cocktail Chemistry explains the drink’s mechanics: you create an iceball using a cheap latex ice-sphere mold, melt a hole in the top with a soldering iron and extract the water from inside wi…

Source: A cocktail inside a hollow ball of ice that you shatter to drink


Links for 2/10/16

Source: Show the Love this Valentine’s Day | For the love of



Environmental groups — including all surf environmental groups — are concerned over proposed firing of California Coastal Commission’s Executive Director, Dr. Charles Lester. Here’s why.

Source: Battle Lines Drawn In California — and Why Surfers Should Care


Over in Davos world leaders are desperately trying to find a ‘fourth industrial revolution’ to keep the ‘growth’ juggernaut rolling, write Bennet Francis & Rupert Read. But their efforts are doomed: the real challenge we face is to build a healthy, more equal society and a green, sustainable future for us all.

Source: Peak stuff: have we reached the end of the ‘growth’ party? – The Ecologist


Source: ‘The Devil’s Toy’: The evils of skateboarding exposed! | Dangerous Minds


The Obama administration is expected to propose new rules as soon as Friday to curb methane leaks from oil and natural gas production, its latest attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy production under its control, sources familiar with the plan said.

Source: U.S. to tackle oil and gas methane waste on public lands: sources

Links for 2/8/16

Source: Petition · Representativos do governo nacional, regional, e camaras municipais.: O Algarve Diz NAO ao Fracking / Algarve Says NO to Fracking ·


Long-range forecast predicts generally upward temperature trend, possibly interrupted by La Niña event in 2017

Source: Here is the weather forecast for the next five years: even hotter | UK news | The Guardian


Source: Chippewas for Mother Earth by Angela Martin Fisher – GoFundMe

California Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris is investigating whether Exxon Mobil Corp. repeatedly lied to the public and its shareholders about the risk to its business from climate change — and whether such actions could amount to securities fraud and violations of environmental laws.

Source: California to investigate whether Exxon Mobil lied about climate-change risks

Links for 1/22/16

8 track album

Source: AL ZMAN SAIB | Habibi Funk Records



Vultures wearing GoPros are patrolling Lima’s skies for polluters—and saving the city from itself

Source: From Zero to Hero


Scientists find that the world’s oceans are storing vastly more heat than before.

Source: This is where 90 percent of global warming is going – The Washington Post



Source: Holy shit: Scarfolk TV is coming | Dangerous Minds


The Beatles’ Revolution 9 brought experimental music to a global audience, but their radio soundworld wouldn’t have been possible without Stockhausen’s ‘music of the whole world’

Source: Crackle goes pop: how Stockhausen seduced the Beatles

Links for 12/28/15

Global Corporations are dictating the Canadian Federal Government to demolish treaties and then assimilate first nation’s people into urban cities.

Source: Sacred Spirit of Water – Top Documentary Films



Previously we’ve posted pictures of abandoned,unwanted and battered Futuro houses in Taiwan. So now it’s time to show the prefabricated homes at the start of their journey, when they were a new, fresh and exciting idea for the future. The Futuro was designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, he designed the UFO style houses in 1968 to be used as ski-cabins and Summer holiday homes.  The sixties were an optimistic time, and [&hellip

Source: The Futuro House – A Home For Tomorrow – Voices of East Anglia


Report: All Major Oil Companies Knew of Climate Change by 1970s


Links for 12/4/15

Marshall Islands fights for climate action in Paris as sea level rise swallows the island nation

Source: Marshall Islands push for climate action in Paris


Explosion killed 11 workers, spewed 134 million gallons of oil, and fouled the coastline.

Source: Manslaughter charges dropped in BP spill case—nobody from BP will go to prison


The fate of 70 million people rests on the Mekong river. With crucial UN climate talks in Paris next week, John Vidal journeys down south-east Asia’s vast waterway and meets people affected by climate change, dams, deforestation and urbanisation

Source: The Mekong river: stories from the heart of the climate crisis


This [NSFW] 1968 anti-war animated film by Disney legend Ward Kimball is as timely as ever

Source: This [NSFW] 1968 anti-war animated film by Disney legend Ward Kimball is as timely as ever / Boing Boing