Links for 2/4/16

Guardian photographer David Levene travelled across the San Francisco Bay Area photographing the sites that transformed one of the great cities of the world

Source: San Francisco, then and now

The apartments at 310, 320, and 330 Esplanade in Pacifica, California are literally hanging over the edge of a cliff. Rain, storms, and rising ocean levels are steadily eroding the sandy bluffs on …

Source: Video: cliffside apartment buildings near San Francisco are about to fall / Boing Boing


Source: Thrillville: Introducing THRILLVILLE PRESS!


Back in ’77 when shorts were short, socks were long and hair was big, professional photographer Nick De Wolf took these excellent shots of young skateboarders or as they were called in the early days Sidewalk Surfers showing off their skillz. These shots were taken in Aspen, Colorado about the time when freestyle skating was [&hellip

Source: Sidewalk Surfers of Seventy Seven – Voices of East Anglia

Links for 12/31/15


The gigantic sand dunes in Cronulla, Sydney – close to the so-called birthplace of modern Australia – date back to mesolithic times. But over the past century they have been steadily encroached upon by human activity

Source: Cronulla sand dunes: the 15,000-year-old landscape that greed destroyed – in pictures | Australia news | The Guardian


As sea levels rise and streets begin to flood, South Florida confronts a bleak future.

Source: Miami is Flooding – The New Yorker

Links for 12/19/14

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