Links for 3/1/16

The nation of Fiji is struggling to recover from the staggering blow Tropical Cyclone Winston delivered on February 20 when the mighty storm made landfall at Category 5 strength on multiple islands. The storm killed at least 42 people, making it the deadliest in Fiji history. The damage estimate of $468 million makes it the most expensive tropical cyclone in South Pacific history.

Source: Winstons Damage Highest in South Pacific History; Extreme February Warmth in Eurasia | Dr. Jeff Masters WunderBlog






By seeing which ecosystems are experiencing the most change at the plant level, scientists hope they will be able to make better predictions.

Source: Measuring the Planet’s Health in Vibrant Shades of Green


Bleaching events triggered by CO2 emissions will make oceans acidic and hostile for coral growth, new studies say

Source: Climate change will lead to deformed and virus-hit coral reefs | Environment | The Guardian