Surfer Joe Summer Festival

Great selection of contemporary surf bands. And see the immaculate flyer.

Quote from website:

The festival was born in 2003 as the very first European event completely dedicated to surf music. With a load of great bands passed on our stage, we repeated it in 2004.

The Complete Schedule

Main Stage Saturday
16.30 The Surfadelics
17:45 Jaguar & The Savanas
19:30 The Crashmen
21:00 The Charades
22:15 The Vibrants
23:30 Wadadli Riders & Daddy-O Grand

Main Stage Sunday
17:00 I Surfoniani
18:15 The Wavers
19:30 The Wet-Tones
21:00 The Sunny Boys
22:30 The Barbwires
23:30 The Bitch Boys

DJ Sets

Updates comin’ in the next days!

Side Stage Saturday
16:00 Favolosi Traslatori
Great garage/psychedelic show

Side Stage Sunday
18:00 I Rifflessi
The Italian face of 60s surf beat

20:30 Sexual Chocolate
Be ready for superb blues/rock

22:00 Gli Ambaciatori dell’Amore
Fantastic beat from the fabulous 60s

Sunday Morning from 12.00
Attention musicians: join us for the Surf Jam Session, get on stage and play!
All the instruments are already here, open mic, you are more than welcome.