Links for 11/15/10

Four Methods Of Generating Electricity For Powering Highways

1964 Fender Princeton and 1963 Fender Reverb Unit MINT! – eBay

Best Vacuum Tube Spring Reverb ever? Guitar or Studio! – eBay

Magnatone Typhoon X-20 Vintage Electric Guitar w/ case – eBay

Magnatone Mark V 1957 Paul Bigsby Design Very Few Made – eBay

1960 Magnatone Mark IX Vintage Guitar – eBay

Vintage 1967-68 Yamaha Guitar SA-50B w OHSC, Gibson 335 – eBay

Yamaha Electric Guitar 1960’s Hollow Body SA-15 – eBay

Hallmark Stradette guitar semihollow Mosrite style – eBay

Facebook | Tiki Horror Night – Public Premiere!

Facebook | Easitaly with Il Facile Duo on DejaVu Special

Latin Music USA

YouTube – Kanal von LetsTiki

Links for 12/7/08

Eddie Cochran 1960

Laurie Biagini: Ridin’ The Wave

Model Bettie Page in Intensive Care

Model Bettie Page in Intensive Care After Heart Attack , Bettie Page’s agent and attorney says Friday that the 85-year-old is

LuxuriaMusic: Gallery

The Zazzle store for internet radio station

Future of Fishing?

The pollock population in Alaska’s Bering Sea has dropped nearly 50% this year due to overfishing. The pollock is the basis of the Bering ecosystem and witho…

Vintage Mosrite Amplifier w/ Fuzzrite and Tel Ray Echo

eBay: Find Vintage Mosrite Amplifier w/ Fuzzrite and Tel Ray Echo in the Musical Instruments, Guitar, Guitar Amplifiers, Electric category on eBay.

The Paradise Luau, Pomona, CA

ProTrack Turns an iPod Into a Stereo Recorder

LuxuriaMusic Internet Radio
Internet Radio: Exotica, Lounge, Space Age Bachelor Pad, Bossa, Soft-Psych, Go-Go, Latin Jazz, Sophisticated Rock and Surf

I’m a really unlucky fela with my internet service provider (Freenet). Since about a month or so I can’t listen to anymore. I can tune-in via iTunes as usual, but the stream re-loads at least every 20 seconds. It’s insane. I would do everything I can to support them, except report on shows I have heard – just because that’s not possible for me anymore… They have such great people, who really are into the best music that deserves a place in the spotlights, if not the sun.

If somebody in Germany still can get their program as before, I would be really interested in the kind of connection that you have. Please, please leave a comment here and help me find out what’s wrong. Possibly it’s iTunes, maybe I can listen via VLC Player or something else? I’d appreciate any helpful advice or even just an explanation why I’m having this annoying tech problem.

Here’s the latest news from (for those happy people who can get it alright):

Had he not passed away earlier this month, Louis Teicher would have turned 84 on Aug. 24. In this Sunday’s special Beyondophonic Action Hour, F&T’s long-time manager Scott W. Smith will join your host Tothar to celebrate Mr. Teicher’s legacy.
Via phone, Scott will share swell stories about the twin piano team, including an inside scoop on the duo’s dazzlingly visionary and futuristic ‘prepared piano’ recordings. (Tothar sez, ‘Ten of the most uniquely innovative, ingenious LPs ever made.’) Tothar and Smith will also share some of the F&T tracks that most left them awestruck.

PLUS, the Lux F&T memorial extends at 8pm PST/11:00pm EST with a rebroadcast of a 2001 LuxuriaMusic interview with Ferrante & Teicher conducted by The Millionaire!

Check out for some jaw-dropping YouTube footage of F&T performing their ‘prepared’ technique live on the Ernie Kovacs Show. Remember yesterday’s Sound of Tomorrow this Sunday night at 7:00 PST/ 10:00 EST on LuxuriaMusic Internet Radio! Please spread the word to anyone you think should know about it! – Michael ‘Tothar’ Toth

LuxuriaMusic Internet Radio | Internet Radio: Exotica, Lounge, Space Age Bachelor Pad, Bossa, Soft-Psych, Go-Go, Latin Jazz, Sophisticated Rock and Surf.

Spectacular Exotica Special at Lux

From Luxuriamusic:

Monday, July 21st from 7 – 10 pm PST
Aloha!!! Strike brings yet another spectacular Exotica special to the Kitsch Niche! 3 hours of luscious, undulating, mysterious music from the Pacific rim. They’ll be lots of favorites along with plenty of rarities, too (like unheard Tiki Room music)!

Be sure to tune in right at 7:00 as Strike has concocted an Exotic cocktail of an intro unlike anything you have ever heard!

And, Strike will be announcing the winner of the Arthur Lyman 9 cd set courtesy of Collector’s Choice Music. Each CD contains 2 amazing Arthur Lyman albums!

There’s still time to enter to win. All you have to do is donate $5 or more anytime between now and 6:00 pm Monday, July 21st. Go to for more details. Aloha!!

Raffle: 9 Lyman CDs @ Luxuriamusic

News from the best radio station on the planet:

Pledge Drive News
It took a little bit longer than we wanted, but the pledge drive was a success thanks to all of you that made a donation. If you made a donation and haven’t received your premium yet, hold tight for just a little bit longer, as we have a few premiums that haven’t gone out yet.

Though the pledge drive is over, we are still trying to drum up money to pay the bills. So this month we’re holding a raffle to win 9 Arthur Lyman CD’s that were give to us by Collectors Choice Music. Anyone that donates $5 or more between June 23 and July 21 will be immediately entered into the raffle. Everyone that donates $5 or more will receive a Shag designed LuxuriaMusic sticker. For more information on the raffle, go here. Or go to our donations page.

Thank you!!


Programming schedule for Wednesday July 9, 2008.
3-4 PM: Thrifting For Tunes Lee Hazlewood Birthday Special.
4-6 PM: Chuck Kelley Goes Latin
6-7 PM: Atomic Cocktail with Vic Trip.
7-8 PM: Between The Sheets w/ Angel Baby.
8-10 PM: The Ian Whitcomb Show

*all time are Pacific Standard Time.