Great Surf Soundtrack Comp!

chaiman of the board comp cover

Quoting from their MySpace profile:

Surf Soundtracks 1964 – 1974 Released on July 2nd on Harmless Records

Never mind the Beach Boys, Chairman Of The Board is a collection of vintage soundtracks from iconic cult surf films. Underground film makers wanted original music, a harder sound to reflect the new wilder cinematic expression now possible on the face of a wave. The soundtrack they chose to enhance this visual experimentation was the mellower stoner blues and psychedelic rock, which perfectly captured the cerebral highs of living the alternative dream. The music featured on this compilation, some of which has never been released, originates from six of these classic surf films.

I have some of the films on VHS or DVD, and some of the released soundtracks on vinyl. It’s a really great genre with a very high musical standard. And it’s something you can play to people if they ask you what music surfers listened to, in the 60s (and early 70s in this case).

Hammond Organ Spy-Jazz

Ingfried Hoffmann plays Bond

Ingfried Hoffmann – Plays Jazz for Secret Agents

Fantastic organ led spy-jazz cd. Mostly Bond titles from the early movies, but some great originals too. A nifty guitar player is involved here as well!!!

Ingfried Hoffmann - Jazz Club: Hammond Bond

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Tiki News Website

Where would Tiki be without Otto von Stroheim’s Tiki News?

Established in 1995, Tiki News is a printed magazine containing 84 + pages packed full of historic and current Tiki information. The first magazine to solely cover Tiki!

The same folks bring you Tiki Oasis each year!

The original Tiki weekender! This August 16-19 join us in San Diego for the seventh Tiki Oasis! Experience top Exotica and Surf bands, the best DJs in the country spinning vintage vinyl, vendors selling unique Tiki trinkets and idols, relax poolside or dance the night away at the Hanelei Hotel! Come and enjoy three nights and three days of fun in the sun!

International Surfing Day

Pacific Longboarder made me aware of the International Surfing Day

On Thursday, June 21 surfers from across the globe will unite to celebrate International Surfing Day. The annual observance, now in its third year, was established to inspire waveriders everywhere to take a day to share and acknowledge their mutual love of surfing and our beach and ocean environments.…