Farewell Notes

For some subconscious reason I just decided to start collecting farewell notes from websites.

Eye of the Goof

The Eye Closes
After giving it much consideration over the past month or so, I’ve decided to shut down this weblog. My life has changed a lot over the past 18 months, and unfortunately, my interest in blogging did not survive the transition. …


One week…
…to go. Dann Praktikum fertig. Dann ab Richtung Leon zu Malte ins Haus, bissl Overcrowded Moliets antun und dann Eva nach San Sebastian bringen. Sie bleibt 3 Monate dort, ich darf zum 01.09. wieder nach Aachen nochmal 9 Wochen Praktikum machen
Für November/Dezember muss ich mir dann noch was überlegen. -> Hey Björn, wie sieht eure Afrika-Geschichte aus?

eXotica Releases Overview 5 Beta

fading out The “eXotica Releases Overview”
for more than 6 years, I have been curating This “eXotica Releases Overview”, and i’m getting tired of it, it has become a drag. From now on, there might be longer intervals inbetween updates, and I probably won’t be adding as many new titles or comments as I used to do.


After nearly two years of inactivity it’s pretty clear there’s no time to tend this plot on the Internet. So, no new posts, and more unfortunately, no time to respond to requests for re-ups. Hope you’ve enjoyed what was here while it was here, and perhaps some day there will be hours to come back and continue.


Office Naps

A note to kind Office Naps readers
DJ Little Danny
15. Mrz 2009, 06:53
Some of you have noticed that your author, who has made it a habit to drop things for months at a time, then to only suddenly reappear like that errant stepfather, has done it again.

A bit of explanation. When one’s waking hours are spent pitch-adjusting blue audograph discs or wondering whether more time shouldn’t be spent with something called digiprov, other things – important things – perspective, for one, updating music blogs, another – tend to get pushed aside. Healthier souls, even in their busiest stretches, commit themselves to at least some daily moment of relaxation or favorite activity. The word, I think, is balance. That’s something I’ve never much messed around with.

But Office Naps is something that we record collectors strive for. An unmediated, unregulated forum for our collections, simply, and an audience there to pay the tiniest bit of attention. Believe me, having someone, anyone, to listen to your music and your various exhortations about music is a true pleasure. And you, readers, you’re more than just anyone, you’re the best.

Which is to say I’ll be back. Just give me another month or two.

much love,
Little Danny