Links for 11/14/13

Haiyan’s Deadly Surge Noted in Warsaw Climate Talks: ‘We Can Stop This Madness,’ Philippines Rep Says –

Study Reveals What Really Makes up Fast Food Chicken Nuggets | NationofChange

Super Typhoon Haiyan: A Hint of What’s to Come? | Climate Central

Make Your Own Record Old School Record Lathe Cut 7″ Clear Squares Meep | eBay

Video: Some Like It Heavy / Joe Aaron

First Biodegradable Surfboard Foam Introduced

Sea and storm: coastal habitats offer strongest defense

Beaches belong to the public. They are not for sale. | Surfrider Foundation

On the trail of the orang pendek, Sumatra’s mystery ape | Richard Freeman | Science |

Links for 11/12/13

Report on climate change depicts a planet in peril –

Arctic News: Methane Levels going through the Roof

We Have the Renewable Energy We Need to Power the World—So What’s Stopping Us? | Alternet

Philippines negotiator makes emotional plea at Doha climate talks – video | Environment |

“It’s time to stop this madness” – Philippines plea at UN climate talks

Last Paradise Film: The World’s Greatest Story of Adventure and Innovation

Billionaire blocks access to public beach in California – Boing Boing


Why dengue and yellow fever could be coming to a city near you | Grist

Thor Heyerdahl, on Ocean Pollution, 1970 – YouTube

Jellyfish taking over oceans, experts warn –

Tibet Almond Stick – Refresh old strings on guitars – Boing Boing

Stolen Seas