Links for 12/29/13

Driest year ever in Calif. sparks fire, water fears

More than 150 years after brutal slaughter, a small tribe returns home | Al Jazeera America

Robin Hahnel: Climate Change, Climate Policy and the Growth Imperative (Aalto University, Helsinki) – YouTube

Utility companies go to war against solar – Boing Boing

Oppose Seismic Surveys in the Atlantic

Crowdfunding legal challenge by a Texas family whose farm was stolen by Keystone XL – Boing Boing

The Fossil Fuel Resistance | Politics | Rolling Stone

Links for 12/27/13

Twitter / EricHolthaus: Scientists agree this one chart …

Fukushima Update: Highest Radiation Levels Found to Date | NationofChange

Focus on Ocean’s Health as Dolphin Deaths Soar –

The DNA Detectives That Reveal What Seafood You’re Really Eating | Surprising Science

Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales off Virginia Coast Threatened by Seismic Airguns, According to New Data | Common Dreams

Has a natural world wonder just been approved for destruction by the Australian government? | Alexander White


Links for 12/22/13

Daily Kos: BP and Chevron are accused of dumping toxic radioactive waste into the swamps of Louisiana

In Imperiled Forests of Borneo, A Rich Tropical Eden Endures by William Laurance: Yale Environment 360

vintage everyday: The World in Color Photographs in 1923

Tiki-pedia | Escapism via frosty mug at Chicago’s Three Dots and a Dash – TastingTable”

Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air – YouTube

1,070 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137 detected from fish 2km offshore of Fukushima Daini / Over 10 times much as safety limit | Fukushima Diary

Hawaii Protest Declares Anti-GMO ‘Tsunami’ is Here | Common Dreams

Meeresströmungen – Tanz der Ozeane | ARTE