Links for 12/14/14

Dubai Shatters Solar Price Records Worldwide — Lowest Ever!

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A BP spill’s worth of methane is leaking from the ocean off of Washington every year

The Natural World Is an Elephant World

Nautilus Three Sentence Science: Scientists Have Weighed All the Ocean’s Plastic

Futuro Houses: A Failed 1960s Attempt at UFO Living

The creator of those great 1960s kooky car and monster models

Plastic Nightmare

Who are the sick bastards violently killing dolphins in the Northern Gulf of Mexico?

Storebrand Puts Palm Oil on Blacklist With Tobacco

Links for 12/5/14

Legend George Greenough Narrates Lost Footage

Microplastics: A puzzle along Lake Champlain

France Jumps Feet First Into Tidal Energy, Offshore Wind To Come 2015

Alstom 1MW tidal stream turbine

Oil Investors at Brink of Losing Trillions of Dollars in Assets

Here’s How Climate Change Has Altered Life On Earth In The Past 20 Years

switchedonaudrey’s photo on Instagram

Here’s what your city will look like when the ice sheets melt

Europe’s largest nuclear power plant shut down after “technical fault”

America could power itself 100 times over with solar energy

A Huge Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Melting Three Times Faster Than Previously Thought

Library’s seed sharing system threatened by Big Ag regulations