Links for 11/30/15

Photos of Greenland’s Inuit communities show a way of life vanishing with the ice

Source: Gone with the Ice


‘If you want to see a pause and you don’t understand statistics…it is very easy to find a pause.’

Source: Study refutes global warming pause



The Tongva are part of the past, present, and future of the Arroyo Seco.

Source: Outreach: The Tongva are the Native People of Los Angeles


Source: Tiki lounge comes to Portland this winter | Urban Eye


[The Washington Post] A new scientific analysis highlights the role of corporate donations in creating doubt about climate change.

Source: Why are so many Americans skeptical about climate change? A study offers a surprising answer. in Energy Policy curated by Ohio Citizen Action

Links for 11/29/15

All images courtesy Joanna Bird Gallery unless otherwise noted As a child, Danish artist Steffen Dam loved poring over his grandparents’ collection of scientific books and cabinets of insects. This fascination of how we catalogue and understand the natural world followed through to his artisti

Source: Exquisite Marine Life Specimens Imagined in Glass by Steffen Dam


Nurtured by three generations of African Americans with a shared vision of economic self-empowerment, the patronage of black businesses, the cultivation of black arts, and the maintenance of a public commons for political discourse, Leimert Park is not just the crown jewel of black Los Angeles, it is its center.

Source: The Center Can Hold: Leimert Park and Black Los Angeles


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Jeff Goldblum explains the Clean Power Plan to “reptilian nincompoops” (aka fossil fuel execs)

Source: Don’t Be Garbage People

… and don’t be a tool of garbage people, I’d like to add.


These 10 business leaders show how fighting climate change is good for everyone’s bottom line

Source: The onEarth 10


Dewey Weber’s 22nd Street Cutback Becomes History Written In Bronze – the Full Story

Links for 11/26/15

Indigenous groups survive in isolation in Peru, including the Mascho Piro, who in recent months have begun reaching out. But some worry about the consequences: ‘If they live with us, they risk losing everything they ever knew’

Source: Why has this Amazonian tribe suddenly started to make contact with outsiders?


Experts highlight threat to lesser-known apes and mokeys from large-scale habitat destruction and illegal wildlife trade

Source: More than half of the world’s primates on endangered species list


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Climate Central has created an interactive, zip-searchable map of the U.S. to show the local consequences of high vs. low carbon emissions.

Source: Mapping Choices: Which sea level will we lock in?

Links for 11/24/15

It was the era of sex, drugs and pop revolution, but also of anti-war protest and inner-city riots. Jon Savage describes a year that’s still freaking out the establishment

Source: 1966: the year youth culture exploded


There is no legal protection for climate change refugees. That’s inexcusable.

Source: There’s No Such Thing as a Climate Change Refugee


Could climate change trigger another genocide?

Source: Black Earth


finest handcrafted Longboards,wakgsboards, Esslingen am Neckar

Source: wakgsboards – Coolangatta 6.5

Links for 11/23/15

The World’s First Utility-Scale Underwater Compressed Air Energy Storage System. Located off Toronto Island, Canada, Hydrostor converts electricity into air and stores it underwater. When electricity is needed, the process is reversed, sending electricity back to the grid.

Source: Hydrostor


Crab invasions, tropical visitors, and massive marine die-offs. What’s going on in the Pacific?

Source: Starved by the Sea?


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Tracing Raymond Chandler’s early days in L.A.

Source: Looking for Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles : Longreads Blog

Links for 11/22/15

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Mixology 619: The Tiki Cross

Source: Mixology 619: The Tiki Cross


Source: Win a guitar from Loog / Boing Boing


Biarritz Doctors Can Now Prescribe Surfing To Treat Illnesses

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events


The 1960s fashion is far different from the fashion and makeup styles in the earlier decades. The 1960s introduced the mod look. In this era, the glamorous 1960s makeup pays emphasis on the eyes and little less on the other parts of the face.

Source: How to get a 1960s Makeup Look | 1960s Fashion Style



Chitarra Elettrica Meazzi Mustang – Il Calascione Artisti Liutai

Estoril Surf Festival

at Praia de S. Pedro Estoril in late November

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Links for 11/18/15

In June 1943, L.A. witnessed some of its most surreal scenes of street violence: sailors coursing through the city streets in their Navy uniforms, carrying sticks and targeting anyone wearing a zoot suit.

Source: Los Angeles’ 1943 War on the Zoot Suit


Source: 25% of people shot to death by LA police were unarmed. No cops were prosecuted.


Die afrikanische Inselgruppe Sansibar ist stark vom Tourismus geprägt. Auf der einen Seite ist das gut so, weil die Besucher aus aller Welt viel Geld dort lassen. Auf der anderen Seite wird der Müll, den die Touristen auf dem Archipel im Atlantik lassen, z

Source: Bottle Up will das Glasmüll-Problem in Sansibar lösen


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There’s a secret world of hidden independent nations, with their own populations, governments – and football leagues. In fact, you’ve almost certainly visited one without realising.

Source: The countries that don’t exist