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The gigantic sand dunes in Cronulla, Sydney – close to the so-called birthplace of modern Australia – date back to mesolithic times. But over the past century they have been steadily encroached upon by human activity

Source: Cronulla sand dunes: the 15,000-year-old landscape that greed destroyed – in pictures | Australia news | The Guardian


As sea levels rise and streets begin to flood, South Florida confronts a bleak future.

Source: Miami is Flooding – The New Yorker



Intelexit — The backdoor to democracy

Intelexit is an initiative that helps people leave the secret service and build a new life. It is civil society’s response to the lack of oversight and undemocratic practices of intelligence agencies.

Source: Intelexit — The backdoor to democracy

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Here’s a Tiki carving skateboard deck.

Source: Mindless Longboards Tribal Rogue II Deck online kaufen bei




This methane gas disaster is worse than can be sufficiently described in words.

Source: Unstoppable California Gas Leak Being Called Worst Catastrophe Since BP Spill

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Global Corporations are dictating the Canadian Federal Government to demolish treaties and then assimilate first nation’s people into urban cities.

Source: Sacred Spirit of Water – Top Documentary Films




Previously we’ve posted pictures of abandoned,unwanted and battered Futuro houses in Taiwan. So now it’s time to show the prefabricated homes at the start of their journey, when they were a new, fresh and exciting idea for the future. The Futuro was designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, he designed the UFO style houses in 1968 to be used as ski-cabins and Summer holiday homes.  The sixties were an optimistic time, and [&hellip

Source: The Futuro House – A Home For Tomorrow – Voices of East Anglia


Report: All Major Oil Companies Knew of Climate Change by 1970s


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Source: The Astronauts – Surfin’ The Rockies | Rock n Roll Reviews and Trivia




A vegetarian diet does not necessarily have a low impact on the environment

Source: Lettuce Produces More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Per Calorie Than Bacon Does – Scientific American


Back to the Mod revival of 1979 and the film Steppin Out. See the Mods on the streets of London including a young Mick Talbot from The Style Councill

Source: London Mods – Steppin Out in Seventy Nine – Voices of East Anglia

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The Internet is a diverse ecosystem of private and public stakeholders. By excluding a large sector of communities—like security researchers, artists, libraries, and user rights groups—trade negotiators skewed the priorities of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) towards major tech companies and copyright industries that have a strong interest in maintaining and expanding their monopolies of digital services and content.

Source: How the TPP Will Affect You and Your Digital Rights | Electronic Frontier Foundation








Financial specialists making carbon investment risk real today in the capital market

Source: Library | Carbon Tracker Initiative

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Raising the bar for municipalities across the country, San Diego has adopted one of the nation’s most ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions.

Source: San Diego adopts an ambitious, and legally binding, plan to cut emissions


Widespread human trafficking is a big part of why Thailand is now one the world’s biggest shrimp providers, an Associated Press investigative series details.

Source: That shrimp you’re eating may have been peeled and packed by slaves