Links for 2/16/16

Fatboy’s $250 “picnic lounge” is a 9’x 7?, weather-resistant, picnic/beach blanket with a built-in pocket (inside the Fatboy logo-tag). (via Geekologie)

Source: Picnic/beach blanket that looks like a knotted rug / Boing Boing


Prof Antonella Sorace says children should be encouraged to learn less common languages to prevent them from dying out

Source: Preserve rare languages to spread benefits of multilingualism, says expert | Science | The Guardian


It started with an email from a source at Interpol. The subject line of the email said: “Brace yourself.” Attached to the email was a video that showed four men at sea, swimming frantic…

Source: A Murder at Sea. Caught on Camera. Will Anyone Investigate?


Though remains of 19 bodies were found at dump, investigators said no physical evidence supports attorney general’s claim that students were incinerated there

Source: Forensic experts reject Mexico’s claim that criminals burned missing students | World news | The Guardian