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From Wrecking Crew News:

Hi Wrecking Crew supporters!

After playing to great response at SXSW, Buffalo, Nashville and Seattle Film Festivals (see reviews), we are thrilled to announce that ‘The Wrecking Crew’ documentary will have it’s Los Angeles premiere on June 28th, 2008. The film will play under the banner “Movies That Matter” as part of the Grand Performances Program in downtown LA at 350 S.Grand. Ave.

This is a free, outdoor festival-style screening under the stars. You can bring a picnic, deck chairs, blankets and even white wine, they don’t allow red wine as it can stain the granite in the Festival area. If a picnic is not your speed, there are some great restaurants in the area. Even though tickets are free, please make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to eat and find a place to sit. Don’t forget a chair or blanket.

We are also very honored to announce that the presentation of the film will be followed by a live performance by Wrecking Crew alumni Hal Blaine (drums), Carol Kaye (electric bass), Don Randi (piano) and Chuck Berghofer (upright bass). Vocals by Julia Fordham and other guest aritsts.

Please Help Us Spread The Word. Its Very Important That Musicians And Music Lovers Know Of This Event. Thanks For Your Support.

I wrote a bout the Wrecking Crew movie here earlier.

Great Quotes From a Legendary Jazz Drummer

These quotes are from a recent interview Evolution of Media made with Chico Hamilton, who happens to be one of my favorite drummers.

…I hear many drummers today, who have amazing chops, but who ultimately leave me cold because they never settle down long enough to get a pocket going, to keep some time. Some consider it old fashioned, but for my own listening pleasure, I enjoy hearing a band that swings. I think you will enjoy it too.

I’m told that people still dance to my music in nightclubs. There’s no greater compliment than that!

…But I can tell you one thing that I do know, which is that if this ‘so called’ industry becomes more about the format, than it is about the music, then it’s a dead end industry.

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Trestles – They Still Don’t Get It!

Here’s a quote from 70percent.org:

The TCA isn’t done with their toll road through Trestles yet. They’ve successfully appealed to the US Fish And Wildlife Service to reject the findings of the Coastal Commission. There is some insight into how the agency has been infiltrated by capitalistic pigs on the erBB. Keep fighting.

70percent.org » Blog Archive » The TCA Thinks You Are Lazy And Powerless

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‘Woody’ Brown Died

From the Honolulu Advertiser:

KAHULUI, Maui — Renowned surfer Woodbridge Parker “Woody” Brown died Wednesday at Hale Makua, Kahului. He was 96.

“He was the essential surfer, an iconoclast: extremely independent, futuristic and, most especially, healthy — which explains why he lived for 96 very productive, wonderful years,” said Hemmings, the 1968 world surfing champion who inaugurated the world professional surfing circuit in 1975. “… I only hope more of us who call ourselves surfers can live the way Woody lived.

Brown, who surfed regularly until he was 90, rubbed shoulders with Charles Lindbergh, Duke Kahanamoku and old Hawaiians who lived the life of a former era, he said.

Newquay Surfing in the Early 1960s

Great to see this kind of historic footage come up. Makes me wonder what other pioneering locals captured on super 8.

Along with Biarritz in France, Newquay in Cornwall was one of surfing’s first footholds in Europe. Believe it or not, but lifeguards on the northsea island of Sylt surfed by that time as well. Getting boards from France and one guy making a surf trip to Cornwall, about the time this video was shot.

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Leaping Eagle Ray Kills Woman in Rare Accident

Found via BoingBoing:

Leaping Eagle Ray Kills Woman In Rare Accident
MARATHON (CBS4) ? A woman died in a freak accident in the Keys involving a sea creature on Thursday, but she wasn’t even in the water when it occurred.

Jorge Pino, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said a woman was on a boat with her family off Marathon when an Eagle Ray jumped out of the water next to the vessel Thursday morning. The animal reportedly struck 55-year old Judy Kay Zagorski who fell backward and suffered a severe head trauma.

read more here: cbs4.com – Leaping Eagle Ray Kills Woman In Rare Accident

Yakuza Looking for Dave Rastovich

Thursday, 14 February 2008
Japanese ‘Yakuza’ gangsters have launched a campaign of intimidation to force a media blackout on the furore surrounding the country’s killing of dolphins and whales, it was claimed yesterday. Australian surfer Dave Rastovich attracted world headlines after he and conservationists including actress Isabel Lucas travelled to the Japanese fishing village of Taiji last year to protest at its annual dolphin kill. Rastovich, the global face of surfwear giant Billabong Australia’s environmental campaigns, said the multi-billion dollar Japanese surf industry had been experiencing the ‘heat’ for his anti-whaling activities. He said he had been told of intimidation from Yakuza thugs – the feared Japanese mafia – who had been visiting Japanese surf shops in search of the outspoken activist. ‘These are the goons from the fishing industry who are visiting surf stores intimidating people and threatening to punish them financially,’ Rastovich said.

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Fiji Cyclone

From Pacific Longboarder News:

Fiji Cyclone Death Toll Rises Wednesday, 30 January 2008Half of Fiji’s population is without power and water and tourists remain stranded after a category two cyclone hit the country, killing at least six people.About 450,000 people are without basic services after Cyclone Gene hit on Fiji’s second largest island Vanua Levu and the tourist hub of Nadi on the largest island Viti Levu on Monday, causing flooding.It struck the Mamanuca and Yasawa Island groups, popular with tourists, on Tuesday.

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Design Police

Design Police | Bring bad design to justice.

My dayjob is freelance graphic-designer. I see a lot of really bad design – sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a designer involved, not even a bad one. Those folks who “design” without being designers won’t understand what these stickers are about, very unfortunately!
Found via Spreeblick