My Tribute to Martin Böttcher

German soundtrack composer Martin Böttcher passed on friday. My old band recorded his Der Ölprinz and Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi main themes, and with Tecumseh Melodie I aimed to understand his unique sound by trying to rebuild some of his trademark devices. Martin Böttcher not only beamed generations of kids into a beautiful adventurous frontier west with his audio magic, but in the mid seventies he also was one – if not the – first sail boarders in Germany!

Another Lecuona, Another Classic

The Breeze and I by Kahuna Kawentzmann artwork

The Breeze and I is now available here (as usual in the highest possible LAME-MP3 encoding), at CD-Baby, Amazon MP3 and at iTunes. Tell me how you like the overall sound, if you may. And if you’d prefer another format for download please tell me, too.

New Single! Yaqui Joe

This melodramatic piece came together with Stratocaster/echo sound and strings and all kinds of theatrical stuff. This is the first mix in that video. The 2012 mix is the one for sale here and in various download stores. Buy right here in my online store!

Now also available at the iTunes Store (also August 1st scheduled at CD-Baby)