78 Versions of Spring os Nearly Here

Believe it or not, I heard this tune for the first time tonight and when I saw how many versions there are on YouTube and considering the nearness of spring I made a playlist for you!

old 60s skateboard magazine

link to the YouTube playlist Spring is Nearly Here.

Murry’s Long Letter to Brian Wilson

The father of the Beach Boys’ Wilson brothers was the personified dark cloud over the family. Now a lengthy letter surfaced on the internet that documents this. Apparently in his own words.

Quote from Letters of Note:

In 1964, less than three years after the release of their first single Surfin' and following many years of psychological and physical abuse, Murry Wilson was fired as manager of The Beach Boys by his son Brian. A year later, Murry wrote him the following eight page letter. In it, he blames Brian's mother for their ongoing rift due to her less severe punishment techniques, questions Brian's honesty and the actions of his friends in the music business, and even recommends that Brian dissolve the band as soon as possible in order to avoid any future problems. It's an incredibly interesting – albeit dark – snapshot of a showbiz family in free-fall, made all the more remarkable when you consider that just a few months after this was written, The Beach Boys began to record Pet Sounds, an album regarded by many as one of the best ever produced.

Quote from the actual letter:

No matter how many hit songs you write or how many hundreds of thousands of dollars you may earn, you will find when you finish this short cycle of Beach Boy success that you didn’t do it honestly and for this reason you are going to suffer remorse. I have been trying to fight you on every act of what I thought was not honest to protect you from yourself some five or seven years later; because I knew that when competition hit you between the eyes that you would not be able to cope with this vicious competition, regardless of how talented you are, because you got so much much too fast and the fact that you used your own father and then threw him away when you thought you didn’t need him will come back into your mind over and over again.

via Letters of Note: All I tried to do was make you all honest men.

40 Skating Videos

Here’s a playlist of 40 pretty random skating (as in sidewalk surfing) videos on YouTube. I never searched systematically. Obviously I find 60s and longboard films the most interesting, you don’t have to turn down the sound as much as with some of the hectic stuff.

YouTube – Broadcast Yourself..

Memories of Hukilau 2009

Hula at Hukilau 09

from Tiki Kiliki via Lou Smith on The Exotica Mailing List:

Photos and Videos from Hukilau 2009

Here’s a few links to incredible photos from the weekend. If any of you would like to share your photos or videos, please send links to me so that I can send them out to everyone on the list:

  • From my Photography Team Go11Media: Go11Media
  • From Dr. Strangrum: Flickr
  • From Crystallize: Flickr
  • Great event video from Chris Kridler … YouTube
  • Chris also wrote this review: Florida Today
    Performers videos and other photos:

  • Haole Kats video YouTube
  • Los Straitjackets video YouTube
  • The Intoxicators video YouTube
  • The Stolen Idols video YouTube

Paul Williams Benefit Concert

D. Berger sent this anouncement (on Facebook):

Crawdaddy! is presenting a benefit concert for the legendary rock journalist Paul Williams, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a bicycle accident, leading to early onset of dementia. 100% of the door proceeds benefit Paul and his family as they go through these tough times. To learn more about Paul Williams, visit paulwilliams.com.

6/28/09, 8:00pm: Mojo Nixon, Jello Biafra, Mark Eitzel, John Easdale, Debora Iyall, Peter Dunne, Ben Fong Torres, and more, at the Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA

via Facebook