Rare Gretsch Tiki Guitar

Tiki Pickguard

Tiki Talk made me aware of this rare bird from Gretsch a while ago. The guitar is based on the very rare Gretsch White Penguin, which is like a small bodied White Falcon. You can see one like this in the Beat Club appearance by the Small Faces, or here.

Update by baxter from the Gretschpages:

Couple of notes on the Easton White Tiki:

Vintage White Penguins are excruciatingly rare. A real Holy Grail guitar.
Few people have ever even seen one. However, they have been reissued, and
modern ones aren’t particularly difficult to come by.

The White Tiki itself doesn’t share much with the penguin beyond the white
paint, although it was undeniably inspired by it. It’s actually much
closer to standard signature model (6128EE, in Gretsch model numbers) only
with the white finish and tiki trappings that Elliot’s a big fan of.

Response to the guitar was overwhelmingly positive,
() but for
whatever reason Elliot and Gretsch parted ways and that was the end of
that. As far as I know, only the one prototype was made.

If I hunt, I maybe able to find the revised headstock treatment I created
for it.