Links for 9/11/14

Nature Connection will be the Next Big Human Trend

1959 … Cadillac “Cyclone”

Let’s End the Destruction of the Deep Ocean!

Scientists Discover How to Produce Clean Drinking Water From an Unexpected Source

10 Underwater Facilities You Could Actually Live In

Links for 7/29/14

Is Climate Change Awakening a Methane Monster?

General Mills takes bold stand for climate action

These 27 Powerful Photos Will Make You Swear Off Plastic Forever

This Is Some Of The Most Insane Surf Footage Ever

People’s Climate March & Mobilisation

Feds Consider Ban On Bluefin Tuna Fishing As Population Dips 95 Percent

June 2014 was Earth’s warmest on record as ocean temperatures surged

Stop new oil and gas leasing in America’s oceans!

Time to See the World Bank Group Walk the Talk on Climate

Norilsk breaks records for Arctic heat in a new sign of changing weather patterns

Links for 7/18/14

It’s a plastic world

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world


Links for 7/11/14

These People Are Laying in 7 Days of Their Own Garbage

Drought now covers almost 35% of U.S., and is predicted to grow

Video: brief history of Hollywood and the movie industry

Storms will wreak havoc in the Arctic with probability of Methane Hydrates being released abruptly

Save Canarias: Save Ourselves, Save the Planet

The Native American Culture: Portraits from the Early 1900s

What the fossil fuel industry thinks of the ‘carbon bubble’

This is climate change photojournalism at its best

10 Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean

Links for 6/30/14

The Chairman of the Largest Private Company in America Just Told the 1 Percent to

Worry About Climate Change

What our descendants will deplore about us

Will Europe Follow in President Obama’s Footsteps to Create Marine Protected Areas?

How ‘friluftsliv’ can help you reconnect with nature

World Wide Waves

El Gas De La Muerte (Gasland)

To address climate change, nothing substitutes for reducing CO2 emissions

Bobby Womack

Human skull lyre

A Map of the Dirties (and Cleanest) Beaches in the U.S.

Lost Then Found: Sierra Leone’s Return to Surf Perfection

Help the Oceans Catch a Break

Film Project Draws Attention To Peru’s Oil Barons

What really annoys scientists about the state of the climate change debate?

Sochi: The Russian California

Links for 4/17/14

Manish Vardhan’s answer to Climate Change: Why is it that climate change believers can’t seem to accept that so-called “deniers” might actually be people who can understand the science and see the truth for what it really is?

Gefahr von Öl-Katastrophen in der Nordsee wächst

Rising activist deaths are a symptom of our global environmental crisis

Stolen Moments: Bud Browne’s Frame Grabs

IPCC report: world must urgently switch to clean sources of energy

A Bird Walks Into a Bar …