Links for 1/22/16

8 track album

Source: AL ZMAN SAIB | Habibi Funk Records




Vultures wearing GoPros are patrolling Lima’s skies for polluters—and saving the city from itself

Source: From Zero to Hero


Scientists find that the world’s oceans are storing vastly more heat than before.

Source: This is where 90 percent of global warming is going – The Washington Post




Source: Holy shit: Scarfolk TV is coming | Dangerous Minds


The Beatles’ Revolution 9 brought experimental music to a global audience, but their radio soundworld wouldn’t have been possible without Stockhausen’s ‘music of the whole world’

Source: Crackle goes pop: how Stockhausen seduced the Beatles

Links for 12/25/15

Source: The Astronauts – Surfin’ The Rockies | Rock n Roll Reviews and Trivia




A vegetarian diet does not necessarily have a low impact on the environment

Source: Lettuce Produces More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Per Calorie Than Bacon Does – Scientific American


Back to the Mod revival of 1979 and the film Steppin Out. See the Mods on the streets of London including a young Mick Talbot from The Style Councill

Source: London Mods – Steppin Out in Seventy Nine – Voices of East Anglia

Links for 11/9/15

Millions of people around the world live in “energy poverty,” including 15-year-old Hannah Herbst’s pen pal in Ethiopia.

Source: This Ninth Grader Invented A Device That Harvests Power From Ocean Waves


In November 2012, Salvador Alvarenga went fishing off the coast of Mexico. Two days later, a storm hit and he made a desperate SOS. It was the last anyone heard from him – for 438 days. This is his story

Source: Lost at sea: the man who vanished for 14 months


…an area roughly the size of Maryland—drifted into the Caribbean. So much of this floating brown algae has been washing ashore that beaches are positively blanketed in stinky, rotting piles that are more than a few feet deep.

Source: Formerly pristine Caribbean beaches are blanketed in stinky, rotting piles of seaweed


George Orwell thought they were ‘sex maniacs’. They thought they were spiritual samurai, rebuilding Britain after the Great War. With their magical rituals, outdoor living and utopian vision, they are the most fascinating of forgotten youth movements – and their ideas still resonate

Source: The other KKK: how the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift tried to craft a new world | Art and design | The Guardian


German surfer Sebastian Steudtner rides a speed run display on a massive wave at Praia do Norté in Portugal on Tuesday

Source: German surfer Sebastian Steudtner rides huge wave in Portugal – video | Sport | The Guardian

Links for 11/2/15

Source: The Trick-tionary | The Canalian


Built-up areas around the UK coast have increased by more than 40%, but conservationists have saved the ‘most pristine’ areas, Patrick Barkham reports

Source: Coastal construction: how Britain’s shoreline changed in 50 years | Environment | The Guardian

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events


source A Funky Trip – Detroit Funk From The Dave Hamilton Archive by Various Artists (Dave Hamilton) on BGP



A Few Of The Things We Love – The Chattahoochee Recordings And More by The Murmaids on Ace Records

Source: The Murmaids – A Few Of The Things We Love – The Chattahoochee Recordings And More – Ace Records


The Broad Beach community is well placed to be a leader on this issue; unfortunately they have yet to demonstrate leadership. It’s time for homeowners to do what is right and codify public access by entering into a legal agreement.

Source: Public Beach Poached for Private Privilege? | Stefanie Sekich