Links for 2/25/15

Conservation, Education and Research in French Polynesia

Reef Oasis Found in Depths of Murky Iraqi Waters

Googie Architecture in Los Angeles Part 2

Googie Architecture in Los Angeles Part 1

Daily chart

10 Reasons Surfing Improves Humanity

How Las Vegas Went From Classy To Trashy

26 Beatnik Slang Words and Phrases We Should All Start Using

Watch 77 People Surf The Same River Wave In France

Book: ‘Rock & Roll’s Hidden Giant,’ by Charlie Gracie (with John A. Jackson)

How to Build an Amazing Surfboard for $75

Architektur nach der Kolonialzeit: Als die Ufos in Afrika landeten

Fish with two mouths caught in Australia

‘Fifty miles out we could smell the pollution’: sailing amid the ocean litter

Keep our oceans healthy!

The Arctic Ocean

Inside the Garbage of the World HD (Theatrical Version)

The Global Ocean Commission’s final report is now available!

Inspectors urge Japan to dump water from Fukushima plant into ocean

Great British Oceans

Indonesia’s Coral Reefs are under Climate Change Threat

The ocean is filling up with plastic, 8 million metric tons per year

How we ruined the oceans

Links for 12/5/14

Legend George Greenough Narrates Lost Footage

Microplastics: A puzzle along Lake Champlain

France Jumps Feet First Into Tidal Energy, Offshore Wind To Come 2015

Alstom 1MW tidal stream turbine

Oil Investors at Brink of Losing Trillions of Dollars in Assets

Here’s How Climate Change Has Altered Life On Earth In The Past 20 Years

switchedonaudrey’s photo on Instagram

Here’s what your city will look like when the ice sheets melt

Europe’s largest nuclear power plant shut down after “technical fault”

America could power itself 100 times over with solar energy

A Huge Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Melting Three Times Faster Than Previously Thought

Library’s seed sharing system threatened by Big Ag regulations

Links for 9/5/14

The Pacific Climate Warriors – Pacific Climate Warriors will Block the World’s Largest Coal Port

The Lava Lamp Just Won’t Quit

Stop Fashion from grinding up forests to make clothes.

5 terrifying facts from the leaked U.N. climate report

Dramatic Photos of California’s Historic Drought

Highly venomous white cobra is on the loose in Los Angeles suburb

‘Mission Blue’: New documentary makes a powerful case for saving the oceans

33 Things to Do Before Climate Change Ruins Everything — Matter — Medium

Joël de Rosnay. Surfer and Futurist, A Look Back.

People’s Climate March – Introducing the Global Climate Ambassadors!

Links for 7/16/14

NASA: Collapse Of Ice Sheet Section – Unstoppable?

Thanks to the fracking boom, we’re wasting more money than ever on fossil fuel subsidies

Ban neonicotinoids now – to avert another silent spring

11 islands with amazing biodiversity

3D Printed Sugar Cubes are Here

Fans of The Boss Martians original…

The threat of ocean acidification to a small island

Seven Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma in 14 Hours, Raising Fracking Concerns

Bird decline ‘smoking gun’ for pesticide’s effects

Côte des Basques: Cliff, Thou Shalt Stay; Car Park, Thou Shalt be Forgotten