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There is more than enough wind energy to power our future. But our model of paying for it is stuck in the past.

Source: Who Owns the Wind? | Boston Review


Source: There’s enough wind energy over the oceans to power human civilization, scientists say – The Washington Post


Seth Andrews and The Thinking Atheist’s Matt Dillahunty recently took a little field trip to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter — the giant creationist theme park designed to teach children that the bible is literally true and the earth is around 6,000 years old.

Source: Atheists give a tour of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter: ‘It’s a $100,000,000 paperweight’ – DeadState





Links for 9/14/16

Los Angeles owes a huge debt to Charles and Ray Eames, who helped champion the city as an exceptional home base from which to design and innovate. But there’s more to L.A. design history than just the Eameses’ story. Throughout the 20th century, L.A.’s delightful climate, strong manufacturing base and

Source: Beyond the Eameses: Seven Things You Might Not Know About L.A.’s Rich Design History – Core77






We’re under attack by a powerful enemy—and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII.

Source: We Need to Literally Declare War on Climate Change | New Republic


Michael Hoexter, Ph.D.ContentsConventional “Hard” Climate DenialA Web of Soft Climate DenialThe Foundations of Soft Climate Denial in EconomicsSettling on Neoliberal, “Mark

Source: Living in the Web of Soft Climate Denial – New Economic PerspectivesNew Economic Perspectives


Source: VIDEO: An Introduction to Carbon Pricing | Climate Reality


Announcement comes as Xi Jinping and Barack Obama are expected to meet ahead of the start of the G20 to make a joint statement on climate change

Source: China ratifies Paris climate change agreement | World news | The Guardian



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  • 22 – Austria – 4320 points
    23 – Barbados – 4128 points
    24 – Germany – 4024 points
    25 – UK- 3810 points
    26 – Guatemala – 3696 points
    27 – Switzerland – 3440 points
    28 – Jamaica – 2912 points
    29 – Canada – 2784 points
    30 – Nicaragua – 2656 points
    31 – Colombia 2544 points
    32 – Trinidad & Tobago – 2240 points
    33 – Bahamas 2240 points
    34 – Rep. Dominican – 1680 points
    35 – Aruba- 384 points
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