British Airways Bans Surfboards And Canoes

from Pacific Longboarder

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A British Airways ban on bulky sports equipment could wreck the fast growing holiday world of independent active travel, it was claimed today.

From November 6, the airline will refuse to carry hang gliders, windsurfing boards and sails, surfboards, kayaks, canoes, pole vaults and javelins.…

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The Surfer on the Cover of the 2nd Beach Boys Album Died

I read it here, at the blog of the San Onofre Surfing Club. His name was Les Williams. I never knew who was the surfer on the Beach Boys Surfin’ USA album cover, but it’s a great shot with style on a considerably sized wave. A big wave. The album is among my favorite Beach Boys albums, and even pure instrumental Surf fans should know it.

International Surfing Day

Pacific Longboarder made me aware of the International Surfing Day

On Thursday, June 21 surfers from across the globe will unite to celebrate International Surfing Day. The annual observance, now in its third year, was established to inspire waveriders everywhere to take a day to share and acknowledge their mutual love of surfing and our beach and ocean environments.…

French Polynesia to Host Longboarding European Showdown in July

Wow… some guys have all the luck…!

From 24-29 July, the world’s best longboarders will gather in the beautiful archipelago of French Polynesia, on the island of Tahiti for a battle for both women’s and men’s european titles.

The black sand beach of Taharuu, Papara, will be the location for the 4 Star WLT event and is known to offer great surfing potential on all conditions, from 3 to 8+ ft swells.

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Pacific Longboarder

Indoor Skateboard – Longboard Even!

indorr skateboard shortboard

indoor padded longboard

I don’t remember how I came across this, but today is the day to pass the link over to you!
If you have enough place it might be a great idea.

Quote from site:

Indoor Longboard
Hop on this custom embroidered vinyl longboard for a soft cushioned ride down your hallway or around your office desk. An upholstered vinyl longboard with custom designed embroidery, Indy 215 trucks, clear and aluminum wheels & 1/8″ risers, 36″ x 9″
When not skating, Indoor Longboard is cool art; it is sculpture you can ride!
Designed for indoor cruising, conversation and fun.