Links for 5/15/14

Tropical cyclones and hurricanes shifting toward the poles

Kevin & Jody Show : It’s hot out there today. How thirsty are you? …

What Does U.S. Look Like With 10 Feet of Sea Level Rise?

Vinod Khosla embroiled in civil case…

Language map : What’s the most popular language in your state?

Yuta Sezutsu – InnerViews

Roaming Sounds: A Mobile, Solar Powered Recording Studio

Do you think frackers should disclose the chemicals they use? EPA wants to know

Links for 12/9/13 | Forums: New 4th Edition of Surf Music Discography | Forums: Book about Sidewalk Surfin´ music, Skatesploitation, Skaterock

Tiki Transformer – Boing Boing

Thawing Permafrost — Changing Planet – YouTube

Martin Böttcher im Gespräch: Blutsbrüderschaft nach Noten | filmtonart 2013 – YouTube

True GMO Science and Dangers You’ll Never Hear About from the Media – The Mind Unleashed

Audio Manipulation Technologies c. 1956: Radio SFX | Preservation Sound

Global temperature to rise 3.5 degrees C. by 2035: International Energy Agency –

Vast freshwater reserves found beneath the oceans

Links for 10/28/13

The PS dot com AES 2013 report | Preservation Sound

Envisionation Interview: David Wasdell On the IPCC & Scientific Voice – YouTube.

Who Knew that Disposable Plates Could be Stylishly Designed? Biodegradable TableWare by Wasara.

To Expand Offshore Power, Japan Builds Floating Windmills –

vintage everyday: Beautiful Black & White Photos of Women in Old-Fashioned, ca. 1940’s.

New Film Explores Ocean Planning on Washington’s Pacific Coast | Surfrider Foundation.

Sea Change: The Pacific’s Perilous Turn | Video | The Seattle Times.

Every First-Edition Ian Fleming James Bond Book Cover (1953-1966) |