Flyer “Olas de Asfalto!!”

Usually I don’t care for cute monster/super hero kind of stuff. But the bandnames sound so cool and the title OLAS DE ASFALTO!! isn’t bad either.
Thanks to Los Cadaver (Mexico)

mexian surf fest flyer

Makaha Skateboards

I just found this little article on Makaha skateboards. My third board was a Makaha I bought it in 1978. It was back to wood decks, after giving my first, a Nash Shark (green), away and riding the daylight out of the kicktailed plastic thing that followed it.

Incidentally Domenic Priore wore his Makaha teamrider jacket two or three weeks ago arriving at the studios.

Downhill Skating The Right Way

He is good. Doing great things – at speed! Wearing protective gear wouldn’t hurt this great run, though. This is the kind of skating I can relate to most, turning a hill into a skatepark. I also like funramps, banks, pools and street areas, but this truly rules.