Links for 5/3/14

Pacific Ocean acidity dissolving shells of key species

Hipsville Party Weekend 2014 (UK)

Bygone brutalism. Old Trader …

When Cowboys and Indians Unite: Inside the Unlikely Alliance Remaking the Climate Movement

That’s no shipwreck; that’s an asphalt volcano

Kilauea eateries no longer use plastic foam, earning “Styrofoam Free” status for Kauai town

Asda: 95% of our fresh produce is already at risk from climate change

The Devil’s Toy Redux

Streets of USA in the 1950s-60s

Ed Begley: Live the Solution on Vimeo

When It Comes to Solar, the Market Is Making Environmentalism Easy

Oceanus- The Problem

Lucky Cat S8 E4 Podcast – Tribute to Sir Run Run Shaw

Links for 24/4/14

Massive iceberg six times the size of Manhattan drifts away from Antarctic glacier

Electric car maker Tesla said to be planning new factory in California

List of Dates and Bands for Surfing Sundays shows in Huntington Beach,Ca. Summer 2014

CNN Turns a Boring Royal Visit Into a Racist Nightmare in Just 13 Seconds

Satan’s Pilgrims Seattle July 12th!