Links for 4/12/18

Line 5 oil pipeline in Straits of Mackinac dented by ship


A stationary exercise bike that looks like an old school cruiser


Scary: British diver films deluge of plastic off Bali


Pineapple Thing


Arbor Skateboards :: Mtn. Pursuits – Blue Ridge Mountains – Josh Neuman

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Dispersants can turn oil spills into toxic mist, research shows


‘Unprecedented’ marine heatwave triggered huge carbon-dioxide release

Links for 3/27/18

World’s largest collection of ocean garbage is now twice the size of Texas


How Europeans evolved white skin


How to permanently delete your Facebook account


Billion-dollar polar engineering ‘needed to slow melting glaciers’


What can the history of skateboarding teach us?


European longboard wheel brands

I’m most happy with yellow Cult Creators for cruising speed and sliding.


Couple sells everything for adventure life on sailboat, and it sinks after two days

Links for 2/13/18

Displacement of low-income families in San Francisco


Skateboarding, not surfing, should be California’s official state sport


Nokie Edwards, the Ventures’ influential lead guitarist, dies at 82


Sonny & Cher go to The Haunted House Nightclub in Hollywood


Asia-Pacific Survey: A third of coral reefs entangled with plastic


Rare photo of a young Marilyn Monroe at a surfer party in Malibu, circa 1947—the stuff The Beach Boys were singing about in their early years.

Links for 2/27/18

Surf Rock alla Turca




White Settlers Buried the Truth About the Midwest’s Mysterious Mound Cities


scott foss, mellows ditch, hawaii @ ozzieausband


New waves: make a break for the ‘crown jewel’ of India’s surf scene in Tamil Nadu


The million-dollar mouse: navy heads to remote Antarctic islands to hunt out pest


25 years ago, a mutant American crayfish turned to asexual reproduction, and all of Europe’s lakes are filling up with its clones


Plastics Sicken Coral Reefs


Houses that can float, to survive climate flooding