Great Surf Soundtrack Comp!

chaiman of the board comp cover

Quoting from their MySpace profile:

Surf Soundtracks 1964 – 1974 Released on July 2nd on Harmless Records

Never mind the Beach Boys, Chairman Of The Board is a collection of vintage soundtracks from iconic cult surf films. Underground film makers wanted original music, a harder sound to reflect the new wilder cinematic expression now possible on the face of a wave. The soundtrack they chose to enhance this visual experimentation was the mellower stoner blues and psychedelic rock, which perfectly captured the cerebral highs of living the alternative dream. The music featured on this compilation, some of which has never been released, originates from six of these classic surf films.

I have some of the films on VHS or DVD, and some of the released soundtracks on vinyl. It’s a really great genre with a very high musical standard. And it’s something you can play to people if they ask you what music surfers listened to, in the 60s (and early 70s in this case).

Pacific Ocean Park

The first ime I was introduced to Pacific Ocean Park was on a Surfer’s Mood surf comp in the early 90s, through two tracks from a promo 45 that were included by the Restless Surfer.
So now I found this video at YouTube about it. Thereabouts must have been the later Dogtown, where Tony Alva and fellow skaters developed their new skating styles in the seventies.

Watch the Pacific Ocean Park video here.

Van Hamersveld

Endless Summer by Hamersveld

The graphicdesigner who designed the timeless Endless Summer poster for the Bruce Brown movie from 1965.
Here are more 60s works by him.

Makaha Skateboards

I just found this little article on Makaha skateboards. My third board was a Makaha I bought it in 1978. It was back to wood decks, after giving my first, a Nash Shark (green), away and riding the daylight out of the kicktailed plastic thing that followed it.

Incidentally Domenic Priore wore his Makaha teamrider jacket two or three weeks ago arriving at the studios.

Tiki Skateboard from Titus

German skateboard company Titus offers the Benni Dittrich model.
It features a wild jungle scene with a native dancer and flames – and tiki! No idea who drew this.

Indoor Skateboard – Longboard Even!

indorr skateboard shortboard

indoor padded longboard

I don’t remember how I came across this, but today is the day to pass the link over to you!
If you have enough place it might be a great idea.

Quote from site:

Indoor Longboard
Hop on this custom embroidered vinyl longboard for a soft cushioned ride down your hallway or around your office desk. An upholstered vinyl longboard with custom designed embroidery, Indy 215 trucks, clear and aluminum wheels & 1/8″ risers, 36″ x 9″
When not skating, Indoor Longboard is cool art; it is sculpture you can ride!
Designed for indoor cruising, conversation and fun.