“Volcanic Action” Returns Today on Luxuriamusic.com

From Domenic Priore:

Friday on Volcanic Action you’ll hear music from the surfing movie soundtracks to Blue Surf-Ari, Strictly Hot, Gone With The Wave, The Golden Breed, Follow Me, The Fantastic Plastic Machine, Getting Back to Nothing and the Waimea Bay epic Ride The Wild Surf. Plus plenty of Exotica, Surf Instrumentals, West Coast Jazz, Bossa Nova, Hawaiian and Surf vocal tunes too.

11 p.m. London

6 p.m. New York City

3 p.m. Los Angeles

Noon in Honolulu



Now I know which movie this tune is referring to in the Making Out At the Movies album by The Boss Guitars.
I think it’s a Vinnie Bell composition, going back to the Whistle Stop album. There’s also a 45 with a Fink reference in the band name, that’s yet another version.
The track’s title Bazooki refers to Vincent Bell’s invention, the Danelectro Bellzouki. This was the first electric twelve string guitar. And was developed because the greek bouzouki was becoming requested after the soundtrack to Never On A Sunday became such a hit.

Rat Pfink A Boo-Boo at YouTube

Jet Harris Video, 1962

Thanks to Ivan on Surfguitar 101 here‘s a link to Jet Harris performing one of his big hits in 1962, The Man With The Golden Arm. Fender Bass VI involved. It starts right after Hawaiian War Twist.

YouTube link

Gogo Sitar – Autobahnraser
on TV Pro Sieben 20.15

Tonite on German TV channel Pro7 at 20.15 CET they will be broadcasting the carchase movie Autobahnraser. Gogo Sitar is on during the pizzadelivery scene. Nothing special, really, just thought I’d let you now about it.

04.11.2006, 20:15 Uhr
Spielfilm, Actionkomödie, D 2004

Der Polizeineuling Karl-Heinz wird auf eine Gang von Autobahnrasern angesetzt. Langsam gewinnt er ihr Vertrauen, und die Gruppe zieht ihn mehr und mehr in ihren Bann. Schließlich entsteht sogar eine echte Freundschaft. Mit Hilfe seiner Autobahnraser-Freunde gelingt es Karl-Heinz letztlich sogar eine Bande von lang gesuchten Autodieben zu überführen …

Luke Wilkins (Karl-Heinz)
Niels Bruno Schmidt (Knut)
Alexandra Neldel (Claudi)
Manuel Cortez (Bülent)
Collien Fernandes (Nina)
Kristian Erik Kiehling (Ecki)
Regie: Michael Keusch

Autobahnraser at IMDB