Links for 6/2/14

It Came from the Deep: David Shale Captures the Beauty and Terror of Deep Sea Creatures

5 Oldest Tiki Bars in America

Global Warming Threat: Florida could be overwhelmed by Sudden Sea Rise

10 Essential Life Hacks That Make L.A. So Much Better

Something Is Seriously Wrong on the East Coast—and It’s Killing All the Baby Puffins

Wind up flashlights

How BP’s oil spill is still making people sick

A daughter, her mother, and their drowning homeland

Coral Reefs Soften Ocean’s Fury for Millions of Coastal Dwellers

Mass produced nothing

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: New Bill Puts Oldies Under Federal Copyright…

53 spectacular wildlife photos around the world

Encroaching desert stokes religious tensions in Nigeria

For Sea Captains, Flettner Rotors May Make Their Job More Tactical in Nature

Links for 12/4/14

Four Years Later, BP’s Oil Spill Is Still Killing Gulf Wildlife

Alarming new study makes today’s climate change more comparable to Earth’s worst mass extinction

Jeff Divine Slideshows Part 1 — 3 — Mollusk Surf Shop

Watch freaky oarfish frolic in the Sea of Cortez – “Years of Living Dangerously”

Solar’s dramatic cost fall may herald energy price deflation

UN: greenhouse gas emissions nearly doubled in first decade of 21st century

Climate Trends in the Arctic as Observed from Space

The big environmental problem highlighted by the search for Flight 370

Links for 3/31/14

Watch: The Dying Craft Of Neon Signs

Here’s a shorebird’s-eye view of the Galveston oil spill

Food and Climate Justice

Murakami: a rocking chair that generates electricity

Electricity decentralization, here we come

Barney Kessel – Let’s Cook! : – Music Reviews of Ambient & Tiki Exotica Albums

Borrowed Time on Disappearing Land

P&G Competitor Colgate-Palmolive Commits to No Deforestation

altaeros energies high altitude wind turbine deploys at 1,000 feet

The Legend Series: Reynolds ‘Renny’ Yater


Links for 3/27/14

Evidence Finds BP Gulf Oil Disaster Causing Widespread Deformities in Fish

IPCC preview: deep trouble brewing in our oceans

A Half-Century of Worlds

Monster El Nino Emerging From the Depths: Nose of Massive Kelvin Wave Breaks Surface in Eastern Pacific

Global warming to hit Asia hardest, warns new report on climate change

Pro Surfers vs. GMOs : How Hawaii is Leading the Way & What You Can Do to Help

Tiki Modern: Style for the Sophisticated Savage at Palm Springs Modernism Week

Another stolen generation: how Australia still wrecks Aboriginal families

Barney Kessel – Let’s Cook! – Music Reviews of Ambient & Tiki Exotica Albums

Links for 3/8/14

Global warming may imperil Statue of Liberty, Tower of London

Tidal flooding in Marshall Islands has caused widespread damage

Extreme weather is ‘silver lining’ for climate action: Christiana Figueres

Greening China’s power brings down cost of renewable energy for all

Eme Tiki – Bill Justis: “The Dark Continent Contribution”…

BBC News – ‘Carbon bubble’ threatens stock markets, say MPs

Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Oil From the Exxon Valdez Spill Lingers on Alaska Beaches

IEA Report: Wind and Solar Can Carry Bulk of Energy Transformation

Links for 1/25/14

The Gangi Sound: The 10 Years of Hukilau Tiki Mugs

Jennifer Greenburg's photos of people who live like they are in the 1950s – Boing Boing

China's largest freshwater lake that is twice the size of London completely dries up due to drought | Mail Online

Book about Rhino Records, the best label ever – Boing Boing


Facts and fear about genetically modified food in Hawaii – Boing Boing

What Is The Polar Vortex And Why Is It Doing This To Us? : The Two-Way : NPR

Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten

Dark Money Dominates in Climate Change Denial – NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly

Excessive amounts of nickel/ammonium sulfate found in Hanalei Bay |