New Sven Kirsten Book Tiki Modern

After the groundbreaking book on Tiki Pop-Culture of the mid-20th century Tiki Modern follows up with the perfect companion, focusing even more on the interior design aspects of modern Tiki during his heyday.

Deutsch Kurzbeschreibung von der Seite:

Kurzbeschreibung: Dieses amüsante Buch bringt zwei der jüngsten Retro-Trends zusammen: Das Faible für die 1950er und 60er sowie den Tiki-Style. Mit einer Mischung aus Enthusiasmus und Ironie zeigt Autor Sven Kirsten, wie Naivität und Moderne Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts Hand in Hand gingen. Im wahrsten Sinn des Wortes schrecklich moderne Möbel verbanden alten Kitsch und neue Heldenverehrung zum Beispiel Kreationen aus dem Hause Witco; dem Unternehmen, das Elvis Presleys ‘Jungle Room’ und Hugh Hefners Playboy-Pool schuf. Eine wahre Hoch-Zeit des Designs!

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2nd Tiki Art Exhibition Amsterdam

Forwarded from Hankabilly on MySpace:

Tiki Art Exhibition opens by Shaman Lapu Lapu from Tiki Island.
Sun April 15 from 4 pm
“2nd Tiki Art Exhibition” till May 20 2007

This group show of new work inspired by Tiki by
Sam Gambino (usa)
Heather Watts (can)
Tiki Tony (usa)
Tiki Racer (uk)
Jasper Fijnvandraat

Tiki Beach Towel

Now here’s a great contemporary painter & illustrator. Tikishark. I stumbled upon him at Tiki Central, and of all the things he makes, I want to showcase his beach towel here.

Assorted Tiki Products

Planet Waves Tiki Guitar Strap

Jim Dunlop Tiki Guitar Picks

And over at Tiki Talk they found this a while back: Tiki surfboard wax!

Power & Taboo Exibition in London!

Quote from The Britiish Museum site:
Power & Taboo explores the power of the gods in the Polynesian islands of
the eastern Pacific. Displaying part of the British Museum’s remarkable early
collections from this region, and illustrated with images made in the
early part of European settlement (1760-1860), the exhibition investigates
Polynesian ideas about the gods and how to manage their power. Rare
examples of feathered cloaks and valuable ornaments of jade and ivory from
islands such as Aotearoa New Zealand, Rapa Nui Easter Island and Hawaii
are also included in the exhibition. Many of these objects had a lasting influence
on 20th century artists such as Henry Moore and Pablo Picasso.