Bollywood Filmmaker GP Sippy Dead

He directed the biggest bollywood movie of all time: Sholay. Here’s a movie song (composed by R.D. Burman) on YouTube.

From the BBc South Asia website:

Veteran Bollywood film producer GP Sippy has died in the western Indian city of Mumbai at the age of 93.

Mr Sippy was best known as the producer of Bollywood’s biggest ever commercial success, Sholay (Flames).

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Digital vs Analog Recording

After last weeks enlightening video on loudness processing, we are getting deeper into modern recording technology right now!

The dices fell a couple of years ago, but there’s still some discussion on this topic (started at Wired). I must say that digital recording and especially the processing of digital audio have developed a great deal in the right direction. If all that is written in the linked MOG entry is true and profound, than why are there one bit recorders becoming affordable?

I recently hooked up my turntable again, and after a break of more than six months, only listening to digital audio (CDs are digital audio too, in case you didn’t know), I must tell you that listening to music reproduced in an unbroken analog chain is like a warm shower. I read that 1 bit recorders are able to reproduce that, by not having a sampling rate, which is usually about twice the frequency we are able to here, in consumer products/files. Talking about dices.

However, I believe people rate a good tune higher than audio-fidelity. They listen to the lady on the phone, not the phone. I take it as a compliment as composer, and an inspiration as a sound engineer.


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Online Dorks – No More!

Here’s how you can trick human resources departments into believing you’ve always been nice and smart.
Considering this is coming from an HR site – they apparently want to be fooled?! I actually think they are not so much looking for nice people – but people willing to go with the flow to the point of lying and denial. Being a dork or mean one never cost anybody the job afaik.


Dave Wronski in The Press

Surfguitar 101 made me aware of an article in Vintage Guitar Magazine. I don’t have it but it’s said to be really good, with big full color photos of his gear. Now, you don’t know who Dave Wronski is? He has this band called Slacktone. He’s working for Fender and plays with John Blair in Jon & The Nightriders, who were the most influential second wave surf band in the 80s, from an international view that is all I can say. Slacktone is Dave Wronski’s take on the modern Surf with strong historical references. They are one of the best, possible the best modern Surf band. He has great knowledge to get the tone he wants – and it’s amazing. He’s mainly a Jaguar player, even though he got famous with a Mosrite on the cover of Jon & The Nightriders Live At The Whiskey A Go-Go, a record any live performing surf band is hereby strongly advised to call their own.

Hula Workshops (in Deutschland…

…darum auf deutsch)
Aus dem Hula News Newsletter:

Das Allerwichtigste vorweg:
Letzter Hula-Tanz-Workshop am kommenden Wochenende.

Zweites Advent-Wochenende – 08./09.12.2007
Weihnachts-Hula-Special-Weekend in 78355 Hohenfels-Mindersdorf in unserem neuen Hula-Tanz-Studio “Hale Kalehua” . Wir lernen 2 Hula-Choreografien (Auana- und Kahiko-Style) zu den schönsten,! hawaiianischen Weihnachtsliedern.

Euer sehnlichster Wunsch wurde erhört. Nun gibt es das Weihnachts-Special-Hula-Tanz-Event gleich im Doppelpack.
Am 08. und 09. Dezember 2007 habt Ihr Gelegenheit, zwei der schönsten und romantischsten hawaiianischen Weihnachts-Hulas zu erlernen.
Die Songs zu den Choreografien sind:
1. Tag: Hula-Auana-Style: “Kanaka Wai Wai”
2. Tag: Hula-Kahiko-Style: “Little Drummer Boy” (Keiki Kane Ho’okani Pahu) – hier seht Ihr einen Videoclip mit Kalehua, die den “Drummer Boy” tanzt…
Beide Choreografien sind relativ leicht zu erlernen und sind deshalb auch für Hula-Anfänger geeignet.
Eine Trainings-DVD als Langzeitgedächtnis zu beiden Liedern kann an den Kurstagen erworben w! erden!

Dieses Hula-Wo chenende in besonders feierlicher Stimmung ist auch zugleich der letzten Hula-Workshop im alten Jahr 2007.

It Wasn’t All Fun, Fun, Fun

A big article and interview on Brian Wilson in the Washington Post.
(through the exotica mailing list)

The Beach Boy’s Hymns to the Dream State of California Belied The Nightmare He Was Living

By J. Freedom du Lac
Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, December 2, 2007; Page M01
LOS ANGELES — Brian Wilson still hears voices.
They stalk him sometimes when he’s on the concert stage, bedeviling him from inside his head. They ridicule and threaten the original Beach Boy, backing him into dark corners that don’t exist. Watch closely, says his wife, Melinda, and you can tell when Wilson’s schizoaffective disorder is having its way. His eyes become distant and glazed. Another auditory hallucination…

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