Links for 1/11/16

Christopher Ulman is the four-time national and international whistling champion. Among other tricks, he does not kiss anyone 24 hours before a performance because kissing “makes your lips mu…

Source: Listen to the best whistler in the world




This has been a remarkable year for the oceans. Marine scientist Douglas McCauley presents his list of 2015’s most significant ocean events.

Source: 2015’s top 10 developments for the ocean


Following on from our Sidewalk Surfers post in March 2012 we now go back to the very beginnings of the skateboarding scene with a short 1965 Palme d’Or winning film called Skaterdater. We’ll leave you to guess what the film was about but there are two big clues in the title.  This was the first [&hellip

Source: Skaterdater – 1965 Short Film – Voices of East Anglia


The legislature has been ducking the issue of beach access since time immemorial, but a recent court decision forces the legislators to face the issue

Source: Court decision muddies the waters on beach access; legislators must clear it up | Mulshine