Links for 11/30/13

South Korea’s Spy Agency, Military Sent 24.2 Million Tweets to Manipulate Election

Nearly a billion ocean-dependent people at risk because of global warming

Sea Levels Will Rise 70-120cm By 2100 Due To Global Warming

Rapid Plankton Decline Puts The Ocean’s Food Web In Peril

24,000-Year-Old Body Shows Kinship to Europeans and American Indians

Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Yale Environment 360: Wide Mangrove Destruction Is Documented Along Coast of Myanmar

Die Südsee

Out in the Line-Up: a Documentary Uncovering the Taboo of Homosexuality in Surfing

Emissions of Methane in U.S. Exceed Estimates, Study Finds

What is Wrong With Our Culture [Alan Watts]

Hal Jepsen – Biarritz from A Sea For Yourself early 1970’s