Links for 2/6/17

The continent broke off of Pangaea and sank into the ocean, but there’s still some evidence remaining on at least one island.

Source: Scientists Found a ‘Lost’ Continent in the Indian Ocean


Video: Hobie Team Bootleg, Early ’60s

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events



Source: 1000-year old windmills still in use / Boing Boing


  Mark Zuckerberg is the 6th richest person on the planet. Facebook is the 6th largest company in the world by market cap.  By any measure Facebook is the world’s largest media company a…

Source: #F*ckTheZuck: It Appears the World’s 6th Richest Man/Company Does Not Pay Songwriters | The Trichordist


Global research group will trace Totten glacier’s history back to last ice age, in hope of predicting future melting patterns

Source: Epic Antarctic voyage maps seafloor to predict ocean rise as glacier the size of California melts | World news | The Guardian