Links for 4/6/16

Water bottle made of algae by Ari Jansson from Iceland – Ambalaj


Migrant workers dumped on islands after being abandoned by boat captains when Indonesia banned foreign fishing

Source: 4,000 foreign fishermen stranded on remote Indonesian islands




We are living in the Anthropocene age, in which human influence on the planet is so profound – and terrifying – it will leave its legacy for millennia. Politicians and scientists have had their say, but how are writers and artists responding to this crisis?

Source: Generation Anthropocene: How humans have altered the planet for ever


Despite regular coastal cleanups around the world, the problem of ocean garbage continues. Now, two Australians say they’ve found the solution

Source: Brain wave: the surfers who made a trashcan for the ocean | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian


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Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events