BP is Beyond Petroleum is Synthia is The Blue Plague?

Recently I found this interesting video playlist about the Blue Plague. Apparently the Blue Plague is a new desease currently exclusive to the US gulf coast.

A short list of what I understood of it, but english is not my first language so please give me a break if I got something wrong!

  1. BP used a new form of artificially created bacteria, pumping it into the well as an aid for drilling under the Deep Water Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico
  2. this bacteria has a completely new, previously unknown set of genes and has been patented by a company associated with BP
  3. it has two markers: one means completely artificial, the second means complete resistance towards anti-biotics
  4. scientists in the lab called it Synthia
  5. it eats the crude-oil and by doing so is doing valuable work with the oil in the well for BP, putting out more precious products
  6. the process got out of hand, creating uncontrollable gasses and pressure
  7. after the accident happened the oil and bacteria spilled in thousands and thousands of tons into the Gulf of Mexico
  8. the administration handed the control of events over to BP and got in a supporting roll, since only BP had a chance of knowing how to handle it all
  9. Synthia eats body cells, too, and breeds on its own
  10. it was important for the people to not get too close to the oil
  11. it was important for BP to not tell the public about the bacteria
  12. people living in the area got sick anyway
  13. a company associated with BP developed a vaccine that is not yet available to the general public

So this is what I made of these videos, and if this is true, even if only in parts, we are looking at immense trouble. I always wondered why I never heard about surfers from the Gulf complaining of the loss of their sea, but writing this right now it dawns on me that most of them are probably in some way or other depending on the oil industry. However, the stuff is not going to stay in their waters, it starts travelling with the currents around the world.

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