Links for 12/4/15

Marshall Islands fights for climate action in Paris as sea level rise swallows the island nation

Source: Marshall Islands push for climate action in Paris


Explosion killed 11 workers, spewed 134 million gallons of oil, and fouled the coastline.

Source: Manslaughter charges dropped in BP spill case—nobody from BP will go to prison


The fate of 70 million people rests on the Mekong river. With crucial UN climate talks in Paris next week, John Vidal journeys down south-east Asia’s vast waterway and meets people affected by climate change, dams, deforestation and urbanisation

Source: The Mekong river: stories from the heart of the climate crisis


This [NSFW] 1968 anti-war animated film by Disney legend Ward Kimball is as timely as ever

Source: This [NSFW] 1968 anti-war animated film by Disney legend Ward Kimball is as timely as ever / Boing Boing

Links for 11/16/15

The chemical sprayed on the 2010 BP oil spill may not have helped crucial petroleum-munching microbes get rid of the slick, a new study suggests.

Source: Study: Dispersants did not help oil degrade in BP spill


The global environment collapses as in the pursuit of short-term growth, humanity overruns natural ecosystems including the atmosphere that make Earth

Source: Biosphere Collapse: The Biggest Economic Bubble Ever | EcoInternet – Earth Blog


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Links for 4/15/15

The Drought Is Behind California’s Skyrocketing West Nile Virus Numbers

Toxic dispersant used to clean oil spill

Trailer White Waves – a documentary about surfers fighting against unseen pollution

8-foot-long carnivorous cat-eating lizards are invading Florida

The way humans are using land is dramatically decreasing biodiversity—and it’s only getting worse

Rick Griffin Galleries

California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth

California Facing Extreme Heat Waves and Rising Seas

Mediterranean Sea ‘accumulating zone of plastic debris’

Links for 4/12/15

Greg Palast | Investigative Reporter

U.S. Forest Service Cocktail Construction Chart

Beach Boy Brian Wilson: ‘Punk rock? I don’t know what that is’

Stop overfishing and coral reefs will rebound quickly (but we’ll need to fix that climate problem)

Style in the Aisle: Awsome Vintage Hawaiian Airlines Uniforms Over The Years

BP says the Gulf is A.O.K.—this shrimper begs to differ

MULTIMEDIA | Surfing Safari

Rare Photos of Eden Ahbez

Mounting Evidence Has Republican Climate Change Deniers on Thin Ice for 2016

Links for 9/11/14

Nature Connection will be the Next Big Human Trend

1959 … Cadillac “Cyclone”

Let’s End the Destruction of the Deep Ocean!

Scientists Discover How to Produce Clean Drinking Water From an Unexpected Source

10 Underwater Facilities You Could Actually Live In

Links for 7/18/14

It’s a plastic world

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world


Links for 6/2/14

It Came from the Deep: David Shale Captures the Beauty and Terror of Deep Sea Creatures

5 Oldest Tiki Bars in America

Global Warming Threat: Florida could be overwhelmed by Sudden Sea Rise

10 Essential Life Hacks That Make L.A. So Much Better

Something Is Seriously Wrong on the East Coast—and It’s Killing All the Baby Puffins

Wind up flashlights

How BP’s oil spill is still making people sick

A daughter, her mother, and their drowning homeland

Coral Reefs Soften Ocean’s Fury for Millions of Coastal Dwellers

Mass produced nothing

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: New Bill Puts Oldies Under Federal Copyright…

53 spectacular wildlife photos around the world

Encroaching desert stokes religious tensions in Nigeria

For Sea Captains, Flettner Rotors May Make Their Job More Tactical in Nature