Wassermusik 08 Berlin

Exotica played hereThis summer there is something special happening at the Spree. An open air music festival over three consecutive weekends. One weekend is all about sailor songs from around the globe, then it’s a weekend of Surf, and one presenting Exotica to the unexpecting Berlin masses!

I knew Don Tiki was going to be there. I just recogned from Waitiki’s website, that they are going to be there, too!

Waitiki is Going to Berlin!!!

That’s right … we’re traveling with our favorite tiki comrades from Honolulu &emdash; Don Tiki, and will be making a big exotica splash in Berlin, Germany at the first-ever Wassermusik Festival. We’ll be playing as a septet, joined by our longtime friend (and killin’) Latin jazz pianist Zaccai Curtis.

Meanwhile check out Waitiki and Don Tiki at iTunes.

Here’s a static page that will hold all the updates as I can catch them.