Cowabunga Surf Music Webring Going To Be Down

The Cowabunga Surf Music Webring (which my Homepage was a proud member of) is going to be closed down.

I have chosen not to renew web hosting and the domain registration for
Zptduda.Com, which will be effective at the end of January. This will mean that
the Cowabunga links pages will be going away. If you have not already, I highly
recommend that you join and add your site to their links pages.

I will also be closing down the Cowabunga webring. If your site is currently a
member of the Cowabunga ring, please feel free to remove the banner graphic and
web ring controls from your pages.

Thanks and best regards,

When I first started on the web I only had a tiny space at Luxuriamusic’s community. I attempted to join the Ring with that, but no reaction from Dave – it was around late 2000. The old web was still going strong. I don’t remember exactly when I attempted to join again, maybe it was only 2006. He accepted my new homepage – but checking the membersites was desillusionating, showing every forth band or so had gone/broken-up without even acknowldeging the webring. Clicking through the links you got the impression of strolling through a ghost town at times. While Surfmusic101 is alive and well, it’s a site with a lively forum. And MySpace also get’s a good share of surfmusic action. So the internet habits have changed so much that it doesn’t seem worth the effort on Dave’s part? I don’t know, maybe he just has not enough time to do the maintenance.
I will remove the Cowabunga links now.