Links for 8/10/11

Surfrider Forums | Michelle Bachman is crazy / dangerous

Bachmann: Elect me and I’ll kill the EPA

Surfing For Changes Fotos – Pinnwand-Fotos

J Bay locals aren’t afraid to speak their mind about the proposed nuclear power plant!

The Musical Touch of Leonard Nimoy

The sounds of silence

Links for 1/12/11

Expedition across The South Pacific from Chile to Tahiti To Study The Effects of Plastic Micro-Pollutants on Plankton

Vote for The Most Evil Corporation in 2010

2005 and 2010 Tie for Hottest Summer on Record

The Spill on Frontline TV

Here’s some background on “safety” at oil companies, in this case BP. Tthey really have to to cut costs at any price – or this is what the managers learned in business school.

More at the Frontline homepage.