Finger Board Dream Pool

From Have You Seen Him:

actually …It’s a glass coffee table designed and built by non other than Lance Mountain himself. This little pool has so much detail you’d think it’s a real pool, with the hand painted scum line, wheel marks, diving board and stairs to the working mini pool light ( battery operated) in the deep end. It is displayed in my toy room and is one of my prize possessions in that room. I sold an 80’s Lance Mountain deck i had stored in my attic collecting dust for years to pay for this “one of a kind” art piece from Lance. This was definitely worth the trade.

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Flyer “Olas de Asfalto!!”

Usually I don’t care for cute monster/super hero kind of stuff. But the bandnames sound so cool and the title OLAS DE ASFALTO!! isn’t bad either.
Thanks to Los Cadaver (Mexico)

mexian surf fest flyer

Ty Page

great 70s style skating videos online