Links for 5/18/14

Voxmobile – Bizarre Guitar Car

Picture This: U.S. Cities Under 12 feet of Sea Level Rise

World’s first ‘climate change refugee’ has appeal rejected as New Zealand rules Ioane Teitiota must return to South Pacific island nation of Kiribati

Pacific warriors plan Australia invasion to highlight effects of climate change

Deep Ocean Warming is Coming Back to Haunt Us: Record Warmth for 2014 Likely As Equatorial Heat Rises

The Logic and Illogic of Climate Change Denial

An Idaho Couple’s Groundbreaking Invention Could Revolutionize the Future of Renewable Energy – PolicyMic

Links for 5/15/14

Tropical cyclones and hurricanes shifting toward the poles

Kevin & Jody Show : It’s hot out there today. How thirsty are you? …

What Does U.S. Look Like With 10 Feet of Sea Level Rise?

Vinod Khosla embroiled in civil case…

Language map : What’s the most popular language in your state?

Yuta Sezutsu – InnerViews

Roaming Sounds: A Mobile, Solar Powered Recording Studio

Do you think frackers should disclose the chemicals they use? EPA wants to know

Links for 5/13/14

Is that an Oakswagen? This Bosnian Fellow Built a Wooden VW Beetle and a Hat to Match

Antarctic ice ‘cork’ melting could lead to unstoppable sea rise

Phone tips from 1965 Woman’s National Skateboard Champion

A climate skeptic and Bill Nye on Jamie Oliver’s Last Week Tonight

West Antarctic Ice Sheet’s Collapse Triggers Sea Level Warning

Southern Ocean winds strongest in 1,000 years: study

The Antarctic Ice Sheet Has Started to Collapse and Nothing Can Stop It

Making music at -30

Overfishing to Blame for Sardine Shortage and Starving Sea Lions

Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room Shirts Coming to Disney Parks Online Store From May 12-15, 2014

Eco-Cleaning Company Ecover is Making Bottles Out of Recycled Ocean Plastic

Links for 5/12/14

Where the Jungle Cruise queue audio-loop came from

Surf 5 Awesome Surf Fads We Wish Never Went Away

The National Climate Assessment Says We’re in Trouble. This Chart Shows Why.

The underwater restaurant that lets you dine 10ft below the Indian Ocean without getting wet

Let’s Get Sombrarreled | The Inertia

The tangled issue of cover song copyright on YouTube (Wired UK)

Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Surfing Sri Lanka: Dos and Don’ts of Surfing in Arugam Bay | The Inertia

Links for 5/7/14

FET Reverb

Beautiful movie palaces of California

Marine Litter Distribution and Density in European Seas, from the Shelves to Deep Basins

Still Counting Gulf Spill’s Dead Birds

Senators warn of safety risks at closed reactors

10 photos from L.A.’s long-gone Pacific Ocean Park, a day out by the sea you’ll never enjoy

Producer Joe Meek’s life & sound examined in new music film

The Myth of Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies-Chris Hedges

Here Comes the Money: Solar Power and Self-Determination in Western Sahara