Links for 10/26/10

Maton Pineapple Ukulele

The Concussions Set To Rock A Spooky Halloween Party

Old Meazzi microphone (#3) – eBay

Vintage 1972 Carvin SB 60 Bass SB60 Rare Find HSC – eBay

Vintage Rare 1940S Electro Voice V-1 Ribbon Microphone – eBay

Rare MEAZZI Vintage Bass 1965 Italy no Wandre Eko – eBay

Rare Neumann U497 (!): Cross of U47 fet / vintage U87 – eBay

Vintage Rare Soviet USSR Czech JOLANA RUBIN bass guitar – eBay

Ampex MX10 MX-10 vintage tube mixer mic preamp pre RARE – eBay

Vintage 1961 Gibson Ga-79Rvt Stereo Guitar Amp Rare – eBay

Vintage Rare 1969 Hagstrom Viking Hollow Body Guitar – eBay

EV Grieve: More photos from this morning’s fire at Otto’s Shrunken Head

Vintage Polytone George Benson 104 Lead Amp Rare! – eBay

Japanese Rare Book: Vintage Mosrite – eBay

Ovation Rare, Unique, Vintage Elec Guitar. Apx.100 Made – eBay

Rare Vintage 1967 Fender Coronado II Lake Placid Blue – eBay

Vintage Tube Amp Microphone 1920 30 Very Rare – eBay

Vintage Fender F-540Hi Mic Microphone 50’s 60’s Rare – eBay

Vintage 1960’s Watkins Scout Valve/Tube Amp Ultra Rare!

Vintage AKG D12e Rare Kick Drum Mic, 1000’S Of Uses!!! – eBay

Rare Vintage 60’s Sterling Pleasant Lafayette Guitar – eBay

1° BadMan Records Festival – Docteur Legume & Dangerous Chickens

Rare Pair of Vintage Emi Tube Mic Pre Amps Amplifiers – eBay

Rare Vintage Teisco ET-320 / TG-64 – eBay

Watkins WEM Copicat RARE 60’s TUBE Copycat Tape Echo – eBay

Sonor 60s,vintage,blue-satin flame, rare color! – eBay

1960’s Migma Guitar Rare Saturn Style Hofner Tremolo – eBay

Exotic Guitar Scales

One of these days I have to learn them all, hopefully I already do some of them, without knowing their names. Exotic scales are what sets Surfmusic apart from earlier forms of instrumental rock’n’roll, and connects it with jazz (like early George Benson and Gabor Szabo) and Exotica.