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This sounds really exoting, excuse me, exciting.
Quote from John (Pago Pago) at MySpace

The Pacific Arts Festival is coming to Pago Pago, American Samoa from July 20 to August 2, 2008.
3000 artists from 27 Pacific Island nations will perform traditional arts: dance, song, crafts and customary rituals such as ceremonial greetings, oratory, chants and healing practices. For indigenous islanders the festival will remind us of our common four thousand year old history of voyaging, the life giving links between humankind and nature and the mystical relationship between our spirit, the heavens, the sea and the earth.
In a modern context the Pacific Arts Festival is an opportunity for fusion. The festival is where people of the world; artists, fashionistas, musicians and writers; will come to remind themselves of other cultural ways, new old customs and the singularity of the human spirit manifest in a vibrant collage of color, voice, beat and meditative transcendence. The Pacific Arts Festival, the communal meeting place of Isla Pacifica, is where new world forms of art will take shape from collaboration, observation and the never unchanging need to awaken the creative voice that resides within us all.
Fusion now. The artists are on the page below. Invite yourself to Pago Pago.

Le Festival d’Arts Pacifique vient ; Pago Pago, le Samoa Americain du 20 juillet au 2 2008.
3000 artistes de 27 nations d’le de Pacifique excuteront des arts traditionnels comme la danse, la chanson, les artisanats et les rites habituels comme la salutation monielle, l’art oratoire, en scandant des slogans et en gurissant. Pour les insulaires indignes le festival nous rappellera notre histoire de quatre mille ans commune de voyaging, la vie donnant des liens entre l’humanite et la nature et le rapport mystique entre notre esprit, le paradis, la mer et la terre.
Dans un contexte moderne le Festival d’Arts Pacifique est une opportunite; pour la fusion. Le festival est les gens du monde, les artistes, fashionistas, les musiciens et les auteurs viendront pour se rappeler d’autres voies culturelles, nouvelle vieille douane et la singularite du manifeste d’esprit humain dans un collage plein de vie de couleur, voix, battront et transcendance ditative. Le Festival d’Arts Pacifique, le lieu de rencontre communal d’Isla Pacifica, est de nouvelles formes mondiales d’art prendront la forme de la collaboration, l’observation et le besoin jamais immuable de veiller la voix atrice qui side dans nous tous.
Fusion maintenant. Les artistes sont sur cette page ci-dessous. Invitez-vous Pago Pago.

Das Pazifische Kunstfest kommt zu Pago Pago, Amerika Samoa vom 20. Juli bis zum 2. August 2008.
3000 Kunstler von 27 Pazifischen Inselnationen werden traditionelle Kunste durchfuhren: Tanz, Lied, Handwerke und bliche Rituale wie feierliche, Redekunst, Singen und Heilpraktiken.
Damit erinnert das Fest die einheimischen Inselbewohner an die viertausendjahrige Geschichte von voyaging, dem Erleben, das Verbindungen zwischen der Menschheit und Natur und der mystischen Beziehung zwischen unserem Geist, dem Himmel, dem Meer und der Erde gibt.
Aber in einem modernen Zusammenhang ist das Pazifische Kunstfest auch eine Gelegenheit das Zusammenkommen und gemeinsame Erleben der Menschen und Kulturen. Zu diesem Fest kommen Leute ; Kunstler, Reisende, Musiker und Schriftsteller- aus allen Teilen der Welt, um andere kulturelle Wege und die Eigenartigkeit des menschlichen Geistermanifests in einer vibrierenden Collage der Farbe, der Stimme und des Klanges zu erleben.
Das Pazifische Kunstfest ist wahrend dieser Zeit der zentrale Treffpunkt der Isla Pacifica. Hier werden durch die Zusammenarbeit, Erfahrung und der in jedem Menschen schlummernden kreativen Stimme, neue Formen der Kunst Gestalt annehmen!
Fusion jetz! Die teilnehmenden Kunstler sind auf dieser Seite unten vertreten. Fuhle dich herzlich nach Pago Pago eingeladen!

Jet Harris Video, 1962

Thanks to Ivan on Surfguitar 101 here‘s a link to Jet Harris performing one of his big hits in 1962, The Man With The Golden Arm. Fender Bass VI involved. It starts right after Hawaiian War Twist.

YouTube link

Loudness Wars Explained

What a great find! Somebody on a audio recording board posted this link.

It’s an animated movie explaining “loudness”. It’s a high average volume level. Meaning there’s less softer parts in the music. If you read this you probably have a chance of enjoying old music. You probably think about the old recordings as being played by real musicians, on real instruments, projecting real emotions and so forth. All fine an dandy with me. But that’s not all there is to it. They recorded it differently! The guys at the record companies enjoyed loud parts coming after quieter parts. A scary movie is most scary when nothing is really happening, but your senses tell you that something could and probably will happen. Then when all the screams come on, its not scary anymore. You are scared in the fracture of a second actually, the transition from quiet to loud.

With modern music it’s like horror screams all of the time. No wonder most people eventually turn away from it. At first (your early teens) you think “cool – it’s really loud”. But as an adult you will find that the dimensions offered in music are richer for your enjoyment.

Many professionals in the recording industry think that this loudness war is one thing that is hurting the music business of today. Also consider the fact that an artist will sound wimpy on stage by comparison to his recordings. You didn’t read about booed off the stage superstars in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Or even the 80s. It’s fans robbed off another illusion. And they start realizing they have one voice.

Hamburg Recording Studio

Folke Jensen engineered The Looney Tunes band’s second album Modern Sounds of… at his Ultraschall Studio in Hamburg, back in 1995.

Many consider this to be my former surf-band’s best album, and a key factor is the great sound Folke managed to capture on tape.

His project Ledernacken is here on MySpace.

That is a pioneering electronic thing, but trust me when I say he knows what great vintage sound is about.

Captain Paul Watson

Apparently a man with a wide understanding of the worlds mechanics. Featured in current New Yorker Magazine.

“One afternoon last winter, two ships lined up side by side in a field of pack ice at the mouth of the Ross Sea, off the coast of Antarctica. They belonged to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a vigilante organization founded by Paul Watson, thirty years ago, to protect the world’s marine life from the destructive habits and the voracious appetites of humankind.

Surf Art! by Rodney Sumpter

surf art book rod sumpter

Surf legend Rod Sumpters guide to the art and graphics of surfing. Hundreds of images of everything from old movie posters, logos, surf shop signs spanning decades and providing a great resource for designers, collectors or anyone interested in the graphic history of surfing. Items include valuations.

Surf Art! at Amazon

Ty Page

great 70s style skating videos online

New Exotica CD

I don’t have it, but judging by the blurb alone it’s a sure shot.

Various Artists-Paradise Lost & Sound

Here’s what they say at Fleamarket Music:

Flea Market Music recently discovered a treasure trove of Island-inspired songs written in the 1950s and early ’60s by well-known LA studio musicians Ken Darby, Perry Botkin Sr., Mel Henke and others. Many of these tunes (“Legend Of The Rain,” “Hana Maui,” “Leis Of Jazz,” “China Clipper”) were originally recorded by Hawaiian exotica king, Arthur Lyman. Paradise Lost & Found features new recordings of these songs by WAITIKI, a group of extraordinary musicians who have a passion for this kind of jazzy exotic music. Other guest artists include uke sensation Abe Lagrimas, Jr. playing Perry Botkin’s 1950 instrumental “Ukey-Ukulele” and Chris Kamaka (of Kamaka Ukulele and Ho’okena fame) singing the Ken Darby classic “Legend Of The Rain.” Other standout tracks include “Duke Of The Uke” with Four Preps lead singer Bruce Belland. Rounding out the project are a few Jim Beloff songs including “Sunrise At Haleakala,” “The Hawaiian Turnaround” (with music by uke master, Herb Ohta) and “I’m Carrying A Tiki Torch For You” performed by King Kukulele and the Friki Tikis. Ukulele is featured on about half the tracks but it’s all fun. 14 tropical tracks!

Thanks to Tiki King at Tiki Central