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Richard Cheese Presents Lavapalooza Starring Johnny Aloha

Ron Church Photography

Retro Cocktail Hour in Space!

Darrell Brogdon writes:

On Saturday, June 27 at 7:00pm, The Retro Cocktail Hour blasts off on KPR stations with a night of ‘outer space exotica’, featuring music from such memorable albums as Les Baxter’s Space Escapade, Fantastica by Russ Garcia, Music Out of the Moon (featuring the theremin!), Music for Heavenly Bodies (with the electro-theremin) and many more.

As a preview, check out the NEW album cover gallery, featuring images from some classic outer space records of the 1950s and ’60s.

And please join us in orbit for The Retro Cocktail Hour – Saturday, June 27 at 7:00pm on KPR stations (and available on-demand soon after at the RCH website).Les Baxter’s ‘Space Escapade’

Many more images available at our new cover gallery!

Links for 2/22/09

Lost City of Atlantis Not Found on Google Earth

Podsafe Music Network – Kahuna Kawentzmann

28 Cool Links That Make Life Better

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For lack of another common tag I had these stored for years under the Cool banner in my personal browser – so it’s high time to let you participate!!!




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Links for 12/31/08

  • An Alternative History of American Popular Music, by Elijah Wald
    (tags: Book Music Pop 1960s)
  • (tags: bell caiola groove guitar lounge mottola radio)
  • (tags: art easy exotica lo-bro lounge shag tiki)